For over six years, has been the internet leader in sportsman drag racing instruction….

Up until now, the website founded and run by two-time NHRA World Champion Luke Bogacki housed written tutorial columns exclusively; including content written by Bogacki himself in addition to a myriad of successful sportsman competitors. All TIBR content was available to site members, who paid an annual subscription fee to retain access to the unique and informative content.

On February 16, 2015, introduced its new line of TIBR PRO videos. These 10-12 minute video presentations feature direct instruction from Luke Bogacki, in addition to real-life on-track footage used to illustrate the principles that he explains. In addition to the new instructional videos, has abandoned its familiar subscription policy. Instead of paying to access the site, customers can now purchase video tutorials and/or written tutorials on an individual basis, without long term commitments or costly obligations.


“I’ve always enjoyed writing our columns on,” stressed Bogacki. “But I always felt like most racers got more out of our ‘live’ schools, where we could talk to them one-on-one, teach them hands-on, and we could physically demonstrate some of the things that we talk about on the race track. This new video format allows us to do that in a cost effective manner. The end result is a series of videos that I truly believe can benefit any racer – whether you’ve been competing for 30 years or 30 minutes; whether you’ve won a hundred events or never won a round. I think we’ve got something for everyone.”

The first three PRO instructional videos are available immediately on The cost to rent access to the videos is just $12 each, or $30 for the introductory set of three. Throughout 2015, will release eight additional TIBR PRO videos at the same price, for a grand total of eleven instructional videos this season. In addition, the written content that is known for will be available as well. In all, TIBR currently houses seventy-one informative and detailed written tutorial columns covering just about every facet of sportsman drag racing imaginable. Those columns are all available for individual purchase. As an added benefit, over 25 instructional columns from the best racers in the nation are currently available for FREE! Read insights from racers like Peter Biondo, Jeg Coughlin, Jr., Jared Pennington, Shawn Langdon, Tommy Phillips, and many more at no charge!

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