The Canadian Racing Season Begins February 7, 8, & 9, 2014 at Toronto’s International Centre

(TORONTO, ON // JANUARY 14, 2014) When Bob McJannett opened his west-end Toronto speed shop in 1964, he was hoping to sell enough carburetors, mufflers, wheels and tires to cover his rent. Half a century later, McJannett’s Performance Improvements enterprise has grown to seven stores across Ontario and Quebec. The company has earned a reputation for being eastern Canada’s leading retailer of high performance auto parts.

And for the first time ever, Performance Improvements will have a presence at the Canadian Motorsports Expo Powered by Inside Track Motorsport News. The show takes place February 7, 8 & 9 at Toronto’s International Centre.

Continually exploring new opportunities to expand awareness of Performance Improvements and the hot rod hobby, the family-owned business will be at the Canadian Motorsports Expo to help celebrate their 50th anniversary. In addition to a well-stocked display featuring a wide assortment of performance auto parts and accessories, they’ll also be spotlighting some very unique automobiles.

“I’ve been to the Canadian Motorsports Expo several times, but not as a participant,” explains McJannett. “We’re always looking to expand our customer base. And with the CME adding the Hot Rod Display this year, it seemed like a logical decision to be there.”

With retail outlets in Etobicoke, Barrie, Brampton, Guelph, Hamilton, Oshawa and Pierrefonds (QC), Performance Improvements Speed Shops draw from a list of over 650 suppliers, offering the country’s widest array of performance auto parts and accessories, designed specifically for virtually every domestic and import car model.

While his retail empire is his primary business concern, McJannett has never lost his ‘gearhead’ passion, and is a long-time supporter of motorsports, custom car shows and local cruise nights.

Performance Improvements is the primary sponsor of Ted Barnes’ Datsun 510 drag racing effort, but for his debut appearance at the Canadian Motorsports Expo, McJannett will bring some other cars that are very close to his heart.

The first entry is Andy McJannett’s modified 2006 Chrysler SRT8 300C. Andy is one of Bob’s two sons. The other is Rob. The car recently carried Andy and Rob on a 22-day, 9,468 kilometer, cross-continent journey that included an appearance at the big SEMA show in Las Vegas as well as an exciting and successful side-trip to the legendary Texas Mile where they went 168.2 mph.

Performance Improvements’ other entry at the CME is a vehicle that has been a labour of automotive passion for the McJannetts and several area high school students.

“When I first opened my business, I drove a chopped and channeled 1933 Ford Coupe,” recalls McJannett. “As the company’s 50th anniversary was getting nearer, my boys tried, unsuccessfully, to find that exact car as a gift to me. When that didn’t work, we decided to build another, similar one instead.”

McJannett continued, “One of my customers, Art Hagner, is the transportation specialist at Judith Nyman Secondary School in Brampton, and he suggested we let his students build this car. That’s how the Factory Five 33 Hot Rod project came to be.”

Nearly complete, the Factory Five 33 combines the traditional look of a 1933 Ford with current, state-of-the-art performance suspension, steering and brakes, making it a capable daily driver, while delivering sports car performance and ride quality.

“As an automotive enthusiast myself, I’ve been able to pass along my passion to my sons. And together, we’re working to increase the awareness of the fun that the car hobby can bring. With projects like the Factory Five 33 effort, we’re opening up the world of Hot Rodding and custom cars to a whole new world of young guys and girls.”

ABOUT PERFORMANCE IMPROVEMENTS: From humble beginnings in 1964, Performance Improvements has grown into Eastern Canada’s leading retailer of high performance auto parts and accessories. From its new, 22,000 square foot headquarters in Etobicoke, Ontario, and its six outlets spread across Southern Ontario and Quebec, Performance Improvements supplies customers across the country and around the world. With over 650 suppliers offering bumper-to-bumper parts and accessories for most models of domestic and imported cars, Performance Improvements proudly states that ‘We can’t fix your car, but we CAN make it better!”

To locate a Performance Improvements store, or to view an on-line list of products and resources, visit their website, or call their head offices at (416) 259-9656.

ABOUT THE CME: The 8th Annual Canadian Motorsports Expo Powered by Inside Track Motorsport News takes place February 7, 8 & 9, 2014 at Toronto’s International Centre, adjacent to Pearson International Airport. The show features motorsport content geared to racers, fans and automotive enthusiasts. NASCAR Sprint Cup racer Ryan Newman will be at the CME on Saturday, February 8. For information about the show, including news, exhibitor and sponsorship opportunities, call (416) 962-7223, or email The CME’s website is located at