During our recent trip down to NHRA Atlanta – we made an important diversion in support of our parallel passion for fast race cars — hard rock concert photography…..

This time our latest assignment melding Loud Music and Loud Cars involved Eastern European-based Laibach, who are truly one of the most influential and important bands within our very favourite music genre – industrial tech and metal.


Lead vocalist and Laibach co-founder Milan Fras

While considered icons within Europe and former Soviet Bloc countries — Laibach concert appearances in North America are truly rare occurrences.  Sometimes described as a Rammstein “for adults” one could not help but be impressed by the absolute polish and precision of their on stage performance, both musically and visually.

The band which is headed by vocalist and co-founder Milan Fras and includes Mina Špiler (vocals, synthesizer), Ivan Novak (lights and projection) Janez Gabrič (drums) Luka Jamnik (synthesizer) & Rok Lopatič  (synthesizer), are touring in support of their newest release “Spectre”.


Laibach are for sure a very political band and their songs (in their native tongue, in German and in English) overflow with opinion and sarcasm.  And while some of that might get lost with the average North American concert goer – it absolutely takes nothing away from their premium concert experience.

This is one very intelligent rock band with a sound that is so pure, so slick and so original — it’s down right stunning.  I have been told that they are the primary influence behind the sound of European rock behemoths Rammstein — and after attending this date at the TLA in Philadelphia – I understand and appreciate why members of Rammstein made that admission.


The truly dynamic Mina Špiler (vocals, synthesizer)!

The band’s North American tour included playing two Canadian dates last week (in Quebec & Toronto) and they have one more appearance left — May 27th in Vancouver.  If you are a “left coaster” and a connoisseur of the best in industrial music — that show (at the Rickshaw Theatre) should be on your hit list!


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Photos by:  Bruce Biegler & Dave DeAngelis