Denis Lachance has strengthened his stranglehold for being the province of Quebec’s quickest “door car” …..

Since first coming into Canada’s Pro Modified class category back in 2013 — Quebec City-based Denis Lachance is continuing a steady and sure rise to prowess and his most recent acquisition is solid proof of that.

For 2019 Denis is behind the wheel of his 4th career Pro Mod car — a machine which was formally raced by Eric Latino (Whitby Ontario) and which Denis purchased two seasons ago.   Since then he has progressed nicely with that potent car (which features a supercharged Al Billes engine program) — but this season in particular has included some rather significant performance leaps.

Denis Lachance has enjoyed some significant performance improvements in 2019 – racing his Quebec City-based Pro Mod Camaro.

“My first two years owning this car – because of business commitments – I really didn’t race it that much,” Denis admitted.  “Then at the end of 2018 we redid the chassis set up.  We then started this year racing early in the USA, attending some NMCA and PDRA events.”

While Denis’ race team has a primary focus of running 1/8th mile races — he has also dabbled this season (at Cayuga’s Canadian Nitro Nationals) on the 1/4 mile.  At that race he did coax a low 6.0 secs run at almost 240 mph from the car.

“That was the first time I had run the 1/4 mile in over two and a half years,” he confirmed.  “I was so used to running 1/8th mile — that I was popping the chutes a bit early (he laughed).”

“We’ve got the car working well — including our personal bests of 3.77 secs at 199 mph (1/8th mile racing) with some strong qualifying efforts to go with it.  Prior to this season my best time was in the 4.0 secs zone – so this season has been really good progress for us overall.  Right now I think we have things (our program) where it needs to be.”

Denis and his race team, which features primary sponsorship from EDM Construction and Manulift Architecture, will run a full compliment of Quebec’s home grown UDRA races this year but  plan also to venture back into the USA for some additional PDRA event appearances later this season.

Post and photos by Bruce Biegler