Canada’s drag racing community recently inducted it’s newest members into the Canadian Drag Racing Hall of Fame….

On that elite ledger (and for the first time) was a member of the media — with DragRaceCanada’s Editor and Founder – Bruce Biegler – being included.

For a very long time and for almost anyone who has been a fan of drag racing — the name Bruce Biegler — has become known synonymous with the sport in Canada.  His long time devotion has been an unrelenting and impressive journey that includes many chapters within motorsports journalism. Simply put — Bruce Biegler — has earned the distinction of and has become “the voice” for Canadian drag racing world wide.

He has walked many miles on the asphalt from the most humble local dragstrips to the exalted quarter-mile shrines at Indy and Pomona, while carrying a heavy contingent of Nikon camera bodies and lenses. More recently, Bruce has expanded his horizons to the drag racing scene in Australia, and I know that he is looking at a potential European tour in the near future.

When I first heard about this year’s CDRHF induction ceremony — I did clear my calendar to personally fly in from Alberta to attend the 2018 gala ceremony, hosted by John Scotti and held at Montreal’s Sheraton Hotel (Laval).

Kevin Sproule (right) with Myrna and Bruce

I have been a very close friend with Bruce since the early 1970’s (first met attending University together in Saskatchewan). I’ve watched his career both up close and from afar ever since — so it was great to witness first hand his inclusion and the interaction with so many of Canadian drag racing’s most famous names who attended this event. I know also that he has earned the respect and admiration of his contemporaries in the drag racing media world.

For me, one thing that really stuck out this evening occurred just after Bruce was completing his thank you speech. It was right then that Canadian living legend driver Terry Capp jumped up on the stage unsolicited, grabbed the microphone and while embracing him, offered up his thoughts on Bruce’s positive impact to the sport of drag racing. I think that kind gesture and action by Terry Capp himself spoke volumes.

Legendary Canadian racer Terry Capp adds in his thoughts!

I also think that Bruce’s sentiments within his thank you to the CDRHF hall were – typical. After citing all of DragRaceCanada’s valued major marketing partners and his media contributors for the ongoing success story at DragRaceCanada (as well as the unwavering support of his lovely spouse Myrna) — he re-directed the praise right back to the audience.

“Thank you all — drivers, team owners, pit crews, sanctioning bodies, drag strip management and event promotors,” Bruce stated. “Thank you for what you do in drag racing — giving me all those great cars and great stories to report on.”

While Bruce is not getting any younger — he is still wiry (LOL!)  and I look forward to many more years of awesome photos and top-notch coverage from the first media inductee into Canada’s Drag Racing Hall of Fame!

BB with fellow 2018 CDRHF inductee Les Davenport

Donna & Al Billes (2017 CDRHF inductee) + Myrna & Bruce Biegler

Posted by Kevin Sproule

Photos by Stacee Kenington-Richards, Kevin Sproule & Matt Politto

About Bruce Biegler  (In parallel to a 34-year profession as a Marketing Manager within Canadian Pacific Railway….)

  • Began in (1974) as the track photographer and reporter at Saskatoon International Raceway
  • Formerly photographer/reporter/columnist to National Dragster and Wheelspin News (Canadian Quarterly for National Dragster & Straight Talk for Wheelspin News)
  • Formerly extensive editorial and photographic involvement with major drag racing publications (including Popular Hot Rodding and Hot Rod magazine)
  • Award winner IHRA Media of the Year in both 1992 and 1997
  • Drag Racing Editor at Performance Racing News (1989 – 2008)

    Bruce Biegler at his home office!

  • Columnist to Mopar Muscle Magazine (2002-2007)
  • Drag Racing Editor at Inside Track Magazine (2009 – 2014)
  • Contributing Editor for 30 years to Chrysler’s official Factory Publication Mopar Magazine (1988 – 2016)
  • Contributing Editor to Camaro Performers Magazine (2011-2014)
  • Senior Contributing Editor to Chevy High Performance magazine (+ presented on-line @ Super Chevy) (2015-present)
  • Founder and Editor of Canada’s most reputable and popular website for drag racing — (1999 to present)
  • Founded and developed additional Canadian co-production on-line products all in support of Canadian Drag Racing under new parent company LMLCMedia : — —
  • Administers drag racing content to the official website and social media pages for Lucas Oil Canada
  • North American contributing editor to Australia’s Drag News.

For more information on the Canadian Drag Racing Hall of Fame link : HERE