Industry leading Germany-based Oil and additive manufacturer has best November sales in the company’s history……The past month of November is best in the company’s history for LIQUI MOLY. The German oil and additive specialist closed the fall month with sales of almost 62 million euro.

Managing Director Ernst Prost commented on the result: “The first fruits are appearing on the barren corona branch.”

These almost 62 million euro not only mark the best November sales volume in the company’s history, but also the second highest monthly sales ever. Only January was even stronger. February and March were also stronger than ever before.

Then came corona. The pandemic did not leave LIQUI MOLY unaffected. However, the company faced the crisis with all its strength. No staff were dismissed, no short-time work was announced – on the contrary, 101 new employees were hired. Investments were not canceled, but increased massively. For example, the marketing budget doubled. “We are living off the good years before the crisis. Fortunately, we have built up reserves. This enables us to invest in the future now,” Ernst Prost continues. LIQUI MOLY fought its way out of the crisis step by step with this highly countercyclical strategy. Then November came with an increase of 26 percent compared to the same month last year.

“For the first time in many months, we have once again recorded double-digit sales growth. Given the investments in our ‘four core assets’ of people, brand, machines and markets, this is only the logical consequence of our work,” says Ernst Prost, head of the German lubricant producer. “With an increase of 26 percent in November, we were able to leave the valley of tears. So far, we have achieved growth of 4.5 percent and have the order books for December brimming over. That’s why we will have to use every hour both in Production and in Shipping to supply our customers.” LIQUI MOLY intends to continue the record years of the past next year.

Ernst Prost, Managing Director of LIQUI MOLY

About LIQUI MOLY — With around 4,000 items, LIQUI MOLY offers a global, uniquely broad range of automotive chemicals: Motor oils and additives, greases and pastes, sprays and car care, glues and sealants. Founded in 1957, LIQUI MOLY develops and produces exclusively in Germany. There it is the undisputed market leader for additives and is repeatedly voted the best oil brand. The company sells its products in more than 150 countries and generated € 569 million in sales in 2019.

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