Rocky Mountain Nostalgia – Round #1

Western Canada’s “Rocky Mountain Floppers” had their first stop of the 2014 season at Castrol Raceway in Edmonton last weekend.  The opener was weather affected but also did run to a partial conclusion…..

It was the first of five MT/Trail Tire-sponsored points races.  It was set up as a Chicago style shoot out where only the #1 and #2 qualifiers return for the last run of the day to provide the daily winner. It was the first opportunity to try out the new soft index, closest to 6.90 on either side of the number. Rain delayed the final until Sunday and when Shane Reykdal went red, Cal Tebb, driving his fan favourite GTO Judge,  had his first win of the year running a 6.941.

2X defending circuit Champion - Cal Tebb

2X defending circuit Champion – Cal Tebb

After one day of racing the tuners were now getting a handle on the cars, lots of mid 80 and mid 90 runs. Cal’s .022 light and a 6.907. was good enough to hold for Sundays #1 spot. They had to go to the mph to declare the 2nd qualifier, Landon Goudreau ran 6.869 at 204.9, Wild Al Weich ran 6.869 at 204.1. So Landon would move on to his first final of the year.

But, once  again, the clouds and rain rolled in late afternoon and final was postponed. It was agreed that it will be run off at the next race during qualifying.

Shane Reykl

Shane Reykdal’s Dodge Omni

The Good Vibrations Quick Reaction Time Winners were:

Shane Reykdal with is .029 light on Saturday
Cal Tebb with his .022 light on Sunday

Saturdays top 3 qualifiers:

Shane Reykdal 6.896
Cal Tebb 6.891
Jimmy Fersch 6.875

Sundays top 3 qualifiers:

Cal Tebb 6.907
Landon Goudreau 6.869
Al Weich 6.869 (lower mph)

Points after first race ( minus Sundays final):

Cal Tebb 100
Shane Reykdal 80
Landon Goudreau 70
Jimmy Fersch 60
Norm Kolwich 60
Ryan Hodgson 55
Al Weich 55
Cory Kincaid 20

Landon Goudreau's Plymouth Arrow

Landon Goudreau’s Plymouth Arrow

Photos by:  Don Meleshko