RPM MAGAZINE creates new non-profit foundation dedicated to giving 100% to children’s charities!……

“We’ve always tried to do our part and raise money for worthy causes, both through RPM Magazine and our various events,” explains RPM Editor In Chief Chris Biro. “But it’s tough sometimes. First, choosing the right community based organizations to align with, but most importantly, finding charities where 100%, instead of 1%, of the money raised or given actually goes to the people who need it.”

Enter long time friend, RPM contributor and fund raising madman, Raymond Knight. “It took Ray’s enthusiasm as a kick-start to get us to think outside the box,” added Biro. “And to actually become the body that pre-qualifies who gets the donations, instead of continuing on in our guessing game.” And so, through Raymond’s tireless efforts, RPM KIDS First was born.

“RPM KIDS First exists separate from RPM MAGAZINE,” tells Knight. “Yet it is involved directly in any fundraising efforts of the magazine, but has the potential to do much, much more!”


Part of the official mission of RPM KIDS First, a registered non-profit foundation, is; ‘To host various events annually, each focused on fundraising for a different children’s charity.’ Knight went on to say, “By creating the foundation our goal is to have the largest impact we can have on children’s charities in each event community with the least amount of ‘red tape’, so to speak.”

“With the new foundation overseeing the fundraising and pre-qualifying the charities that receive the funds, administration will be very efficient and streamlined. Plus, all directors and their work within the foundation is strictly volunteer. No person is permitted to be paid under the strict government guidelines that the foundation operates under, which means more money for children that need it!” Knight added. “And that has always been our ultimate goal.”

The foundation hopes to have their website www.rpmkidsfirst.com up and fully functional by mid-February and has already committed to 5 events to raise funds specifically for pre-qualified charities that directly benefit the children of each event’s community. Watch for details surrounding these events to come over the following weeks.

Posted by:  Trish Biro