In a preview of things to watch out for in 2021 — a formidable 2-car Canadian Pro Mod connection is revealed….

Canada’s dynamic Pro Mod class scene will include a significant collaboration next season from GTA-area and veteran racers Raymond Commisso and Ralph Andreaachi.

The duo have been pretty busy during this COVID affected season with the acquisition of — not one but two — complete race cars — which will be run within a team basis.   

Spearheaded by Ralph Andreaachi, who is the President and franchise owner of CARSTAR Toronto Millwick  along side successful Toronto-area restauranteur Raymond Commisso (Dimmi Bar and Trattoria) these race cars will be run under the watchful eye of tuning expert and engine guru Al Billes.

Canada’s Pro Mod class scene will be enhanced even further in 2021 — with a significant 2-car Pro Mod effort from Ralph Andreaachi and Raymond Commisso – and including Al Billes.

Ralph took delivery of his race car a bit earlier this season and has run that car on a couple of occasions locally already — while the delivery of Commisso’s new machine is now imminent.  

“With the COVID border closing we had to get creative while acquiring my car,” Ralph revealed.  “We made a bunch of calls and in the end we had it trucked up to Canada.  My car was acquired from Jason Scruggs — it’s a former PDRA car which has run in both P/X and P/B classes.  It’s a Rick Jones-built car and we have a 4.900 (bore) Noonan motor with one of Al’s supercharger programs.”

In testing this summer – Ray Commisso ran Ralph’s new Camaro into the 3.7 secs zone for 1/8th mile racing.

So far Raymond Commisso has been at the controls of Ralph’s race car during testing — however Ralph himself plans to jump back into the drivers seat next year.

“I haven’t driven a Pro Mod car since 2011,” he revealed. “Since then I’ve worked hard and long at my business to get back to this point.  I’m excited about driving again and with Al Billes guiding us along and Ray looking over my shoulder – I think things will be good.”

Raymond’s new Camaro is a brand new piece from Jerry Bickel Race Cars – ETA October.  It will also feature supercharged and alcohol burning Australian-origin Noonan engine technology.

“My previous car was also a Jerry Bickel — I really didn’t have any intention to sell it — but I got an offer earlier this year I couldn’t refuse,” Raymond confided.  “So once that happened I just went out an ordered another one.”

Right now the racing plans for 2021 are that Ralph’s car will target 1/8th mile completion (in Canada and PDRA in USA) while Raymond will enter his mostly to 1/4 mile racing  — the NHRA’s E3 Spark Plugs Series.  

“I’ve been away from that for a while — so I’m excited too to get back to my roots — which is full 1/4 mile drag racing,” Ray winked.  “Like Ralph has been doing — I’ve devoted a lot of time and energy to my businesses and opening some new restaurants — but now the time is come to go back a play a bit.”

This potent and very experienced race team also features crew members Claudio Commisso (Ray’s brother) as well as CDRHF member Harry (Brian) Hibbs within it’s equation.

“I’m blessed to have deep team dedication from Joseph, Remo, Jerimia, Cole, Jason, Dylan, Scot Jahren and of course all my family’s support,” added Ralph.

Al Billes and Harry Hibbs review some data during mid-summer team testing.

Post and photos by Bruce Biegler