Trackless Vehicles Increases NDRA Series Support

The National Drag Racing Association (NDRA) is proud to have Trackless Vehicles Limited of Courtland, ON in their sponsor family….

Trackless Vehicles owner and President, Doug Cadman is no stranger to drag racing. Doug has been racing since 1975. A few years ago, he purchased and restored the legendary Chi-Town Hustler, then built an exact duplicate of it to race. The original fan favourite, 1973 Dodge Charger of days past is kept pristine in the Cadman Drag Racing Collection in Courtland Ontario. The new 3,000 hp tribute car thrills spectators whenever Cadman lines the nostalgia nitro funny car up at Fast Entertainment Inc. presented exhibitions.

NDRA President & Director of Operations says, “Doug is a good friend of the NDRA. He is a savvy businessman and an accomplished racer. I couldn’t be more pleased to have a guy and a company with such good reputation and profile as such a strong supporter of our series!”

Trackless Vehicles Limited manufactures and sells municipal sidewalk tractors that are used by hundreds of municipalities from small villages to large cities in Canada and the U.S.A.

With 40 years plus longevity in building articulated, four-wheel drive tractors, Trackless has remained committed to manufacturing the most powerful, dependable and user-friendly sidewalk tractors in its class. With their huge selection of front mounted attachments these dynamic compact machines can be used year-round for multiple applications from snow clearing, mowing, road and sidewalk construction and maintenance, loading, dumping, spreading  and sweeping to line and stencil painting and spraying.
Now in its sixth generation, the MT series tractor is purchased by numerous sectors such as parks departments, airports, transit authorities, U.S. and Canadian military bases, school boards, hospitals and contractors.

State of the art electronics, joystick control, ergonomic design, safety, the most advanced drive system available, and inclusion of every possible design feature are built into the MT6 to satisfy the operator and contribute to achieving maximum productivity. A generation ahead of all others best describes the Trackless Series MT6 municipal tractor.

The MT is manufactured in Canada using all Canadian and U.S. components.

For detailed information about the MT6 and Trackless Vehicles Limited, visit their website at

ABOUT THE NDRA — The National Drag Racing Association will present two racing classifications in 2013 with its Alcohol Funny Car Series entering its second season of competition, while the newly added Pro Doorslammer division will provide spectators with an enhanced dose of high-octane entertainment.

Posted by:  Dale Hickey