Webster Spinning Huge Race Car Web!  

 By:       Bruce Biegler

 It is easily one of the most impressive race teams anywhere in the world of drag racing — and Canada is home.   Alberta’s Ken Webster, the talented driver of Geoff Goodwin’s very potent Synoil Fluids TAFC, is also the mastermind behind what is Canada’s all-time largest drag racing operation — 13 cars and counting! 

Ken Webster drives Geoff Goodwin's Synoil TAFC

For the 48-year old businessman & racer, his involvement in drag racing did morph from some other forms of Motorsports during his career, including stock and legend cars.   All the while, and when spending time establishing and building a very successful business,  Webster’s goals and passion for drag racing remained relentless.  The end result today is as a professional looking team as is out there and also a closely bonded family effort.   

 “Obviously I love the sport of drag racing,” Ken reflected.  “Driving Geoff’s Funny Car is one thing for me but running my own team is also very special because it closely involves my family and friends.  I certainly like driving myself – but to be honest the real fun for me comes from watching my kids race.  Not only does it keep them out of trouble – it’s great to watch them develop abilities to work and drive these cars.  It’s all about helping them gain confidence in life.” 

Ken with sons Ken Jr. and Jesse

Currently Ken’s race car fleet features his sons  Kenny Jr (16), Jesse (23) and youngest daughter Shaylene (7 – in a junior dragster).  Ken’s 24-year old daughter Amanda is also being groomed to be a driver in the near future.  Webster’s close friend Ken Thompson, is also a team driver and he oversees much of the team’s demanding mechanical aspects. 

“Right now we do have some 13 drag cars and 5 legend cars,” Webster confirmed.  “My personal favorite is an 818 CID 270 inch Spitzer dragster – which I had custom built to fit me.  We also have a 245 inch S&W and 235 inch Undercover dragsters which my boys drive primarily.”    

 Waiting in the wings: an all new Top Alcohol Dragster.  Expectations are that he will begin testing that new car later this summer.  “My new TAD is ready to go – I just need to find the time to drive it,” he added.

Ken loves his custom fit Spitzer T/D

 The presentation of Ken’s racing team is truly impressive.  All the cars, trailers and support equipment have a complimentary vision around Ken’s “spider web” racing history – taken and carried forward from his name Webster and legend car racing days.   During the past off-season innovative company 3M Canada in conjunction with Snappy’s Graphics (Didsbury AB), both realized the potential and completed the application.

Great Graphics - Great Cars!

 “We are so very pleased about our association with 3M Canada and Snappy’s,” Ken continued.  “They did everything bumper-to-bumper for us and believe me that is a lot of real estate.  And there is even more to come – our new TAD is next up.”

 Webster Motorsports, which is based from the Red Deer area at the center of the province, is basically a self-funded one benefiting from a list of oilfield service companies which Ken  founded and established over the years.  That includes KEW Services, Webster Oilfield and Webster Compressor – all specialists within the rich Alberta oilfield industry.

(Bruce Biegler Photos)