Eastern Canada’s tradition rich Can-Am Stock/Super Stock Series has affirmed this season’s racing schedule….

For 2018, the long running staple circuit which features head-to-head competition between localized Stock and Super Stock class racers will enter it’s 22nd year of operations, and will present a total of six “double header” events the date for which are outlined below:

#1 – May 19 – St Thomas Raceway Park
#2 – May 20 – St Thomas Raceway Park
#3 – June 23 – Empire Dragway
#4 – June 24 – Empire Dragway
#5 –  July 14 – St Thomas Raceway Park
#6 – July 15 – St Thomas Raceway Park
#7 – Aug 4 – Grand Bend Motorplex
#8 – Aug 5 – Grand Bend Motorplex
#9 – Sept 1 – Toronto Motorsports Park
#10 – Sept 2 – Toronto Motorsports Park
#11 – Sept 15 – Empire Dragway
#12 – Sept 16 – Empire Dragway

Each event weekend will feature two full days of racing and separate events.

The series will also continue on with it’s current Stock/Super Stock rules and same indexes as in the past and despite the change in direction from the IHRA announced last year ( i.e.:  former IHRA Crate motor cars) will still be accepted.

Nostalgia Super Stock cars are also a welcome part of the Can-Am Stock/Super Stock series.

Many of the series racers will also too be part of and focused on the NHRA Division 1 National Open which will again be presented by John Scotti next Aug 25/26 at Cayuga Dragway – a very high dollar recent which John uses directly in support of his Montreal-based Canadian Drag Race Hall of Fame.

Posted by Bruce Biegler