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There is certainly deep-seated roots and reputation within the career of drag racing for Alberta’s Sean Brown.   Over many seasons this resident of Calgary has evolved his very hands-on relationship with many prominent teams in drag racing, as both a tuner and crew chief for a variety of supercharged programs, to a very high demand position.

It’s safe to say that Sean’s journey in drag racing became “accelerated” when in 1990 he hooked up with Canadian Drag Racing Hall of Fame member Les Davenport — and his career path really began to take shape from there.

Through vast experience — Western Canadian Sean Brown — has risen to become one of drag racing’s most versatile and reputed tuners.

“I first started drag racing back in 1978, and drove myself at Van Isle Dragway and Mission Raceway in British Columbia,” Sean reflected.  “I did run a couple of Stock class cars up until about 1988.  During that time I met Les Davenport while he ran my engines on his dyno.  But it was in 1990 that I got a call from Les asking if I wanted to help out to race Stan Sipo’s Funny Car.  I quickly joined Stan’s race team and helped to maintain that car and drive the truck and trailer to and from races for a few seasons.”

Sean’s first venture into TAFC class racing came in conjunction with Stan Sipos’ very potent Vancouver Island-based team in the early 1990’s

“But it was 1993 that I actually started working with Les in his (Acceleration Enterprises) shop,” Sean revealed.  “I assisted with running the dyno, did flowing for fuel systems and support for Les’s Jetsize fuel tuning software.  To this day — I continue to work out of Acceleration Enterprises, flowing fuel systems for drag racers, tractor pullers and boat racers. In addition, I also specialize in doing CNC work and blower modifications.”

Over time Sean consistently honed his speciality too as being an adviser to both new and seasoned alcohol class racers.

“I am frequently asked to assist with tuning remotely for both North American and Internationality,” he affirmed.  I provide advice on parts, setups, operation, and tuning.  I do pride myself on running a budget wise but still effective approach to racing.”

Evidence of all that is his involvement within drag racing to a long list of many of the who’s-who within the history of our sport.  He has served as either a crew member or crew chief for numerous teams — including names like Stan Sipos, Bateman & Reynolds, Randy Anderson, Cy Chesterman, Bucky Austin, John Evanchuk, Hank Coolidge and Brian Hough in TAFC.  His resume also includes stints in Nitro Nostalgia FC racing and with both Competition and Top Sportsman class applications.  His project lists also includes a rather amazing Funny Car restoration project — headed by fellow Calgary resident Al Weich.

Sean Brown has also had a hand within this amazing Dunn & Reath Nostalgia FC restoration initiated by Calgary’s Al Weich.

During the last decade or so Sean has lent expertise within the world-wide Pro Mod class genre too – having involvement in Europe (Graham Ellis and Andy Robinson cars), with Australian Top Doorslammer drivers Maurice Fabietti and Marc Belleri as well as in the USA (Chuck Little and Terry Leggett).

One of of Sean’s more recent, interesting and ongoing associations is however with the Florida-based “Rattlesnake Racing” team which is owned by Harry Schwartz.  With Sean’s guidance and with super skilled Pacific Northwest native driver Brad Plourd at the controls — that team’s Spitzer-built AA/AM 23T has quickly evolved into a very significant player within NHRA’s Competition eliminator category, following it’s debut a couple of years ago.  Winning both the 2017 Chevrolet Performance US Nationals at Indy as well as prevailing at the most recent NHRA Amalie Oil Gatornationals events (just this month) — simply speaks for itself!

A lot of Sean Brown’s craft is directed to this formidable AA/AM which with valued support from sponsors NGK and GRP — is currently one of the most feared entries within NHRA’s Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series — Competition eliminator.

“My relationship with Harry (and his great crew including Rodney And Robert) is special,” he continued.  “Originally Harry called Acceleration Enterprises asking about a motor combination for his AA/Altered — because of all the success that Jirka Kaplan (from Calgary) had done with his altered prior (including winning the 2011 US Nationals).  We built him a BAE motor complete with blower, fuel system and after Harry had the car assembled, Les went to Florida to assist with the initial setup.  Harry is a perfectionist and innovator — in 2016 he asked me to assist him with running the car.  I also helped to put him in contact with Brad Plourd.   After Brad’s first pass in the car testing it was obvious to both Harry and I that Brad would be a great driver.  He has demonstrated a good understanding of what it takes to be successful in Comp racing. They don’t call Competition Eliminator, “Complicated Eliminator” for nothing. It is a tough class to compete in that involves not only making the car run .600 under the index consistently during qualifying to be competitive  — but also knowing and using strategy to ensure you don’t take an index hit (CIC) during rounds of racing.”

Wily and creative team owner Harry Schwartz – after surrounding himself with a skilled tuner and a skilled driver – collected a major dividend in 2017 — winning at Indy!

“I’ve been blessed to have worked with so many great teams and drivers over the years,” he added.  “I feel very fortunate to have worked with and learned from Les Davenport. He is truly a brilliant man when it comes to making horsepower in just about any engine you put in front of him. I will be forever thankful for the opportunity he gave me 30 years ago, and for all the knowledge he has passed on to me which has allowed me to work in the sport of drag racing.  I would like to thank my wife Jody for putting up with me all these years and allowing me to pursue my dream job.”

When not at the shop or drag strip — Sean with his wife Jody  — do demonstrate their passion for the K9 community, raising and attending dog shows with their beloved Norwegian Buhunds (Siri & Aksel).

Siri checks out a FC cockpit!

Posted by Bruce Biegler