ADRL Adjusts Pro Mod Class 

The American Drag Racing League (ADRL) announced new minimum weight requirements for supercharged and nitrous cars in it’s Aeromotive Fuel Systems Pro Modified class…..

All supercharged cars in the class will now have a 50-pound lighter weight requirement (2,600 pounds) than previously before, while all nitrous cars will now have a 50-pound heavier weight requirement (2,475 pounds).  Weight requirements for turbocharged cars will not be changed.

Here are the new weight requirements for cars in the Aeromotive Fuel Systems Pro Modified class:

  • All supercharged cars will have minimum weight decreased from 2,650 pounds to 2,600 pounds.
  • All nitrous cars will increase from 2,425 pounds to 2,475 pounds minimum weight.
  • Turbocharged cars will have no change (2,650 pounds minimum weight)

The changes will go into effect at the upcoming Dragstock IX event, which takes place Aug. 3-4 at zMAX Dragway in Charlotte. 

“After a tremendous amount of work and thought, we feel this is the correct move to balance out the field and balance out the different power combinations in the Aeromotive Fuel Systems Pro Modified class,” ADRL Director of Technical Services Chris Bell said. “Performance-wise, this will create even more balance in one of the ADRL’s standout classes.”

The Aeromotive Fuel Systems Pro Modified class was first featured as an exhibition race in 2011 before officially being added as a class for the 2012 ADRL season.  

With an 8-car qualifying field at each event, the Aeromotive Pro Modified class has featured several of the top Pro Modified drivers in the world in what has been a successful first-year debut in the ADRL.

Posted by:  Josh Hachat – Photo by:  Dave Ostaszewski