Can-Am Stock/SS Opening Round Results

This past Victoria Day Weekend marked the beginning of the 18th season for Eastern Canada’s Can-Am Stock/SuperStock drag racing series….. 

Super Stock winner J.T. Taylor

Super Stock winner J.R. Taylor

Participants headed up to Grand Bend Motorplex where 26 cars vied for the event title during the RPM/Lucas Oil Spring Blowout event.

The weekend event came with rather typical Canadian spring weather with sunny, clear but cold weather.  The track was hard hooking thanks to the excellent work by Grand Bend’s track crew.

Saturday was a busy day with a record attendance at the track. After first round, Mother Nature gave us a light rain shower that was too much to safely dry the track, so the day’s races were cancelled.

Sunday, was sunny and a bit warmer, and after 5 rounds, JR Taylor and his 2002 GT/AA Camaro emerged the first winner of the year defeating new member, Allan Sawicki in his Crate motored S10 Chevy truck.

In addition to their purse moneys, both received Meziere Enterprizes product vouchers.

Additional awards were:

  • Geoblaster members entry $100 – Saturday – Trevor Edmond Sunday. – Jim Wildgoose
  • Rick Hill $50 gas money award – Saturday – Bob Andrews Sunday – Victoria Smith


Posted by:  Fred Smith

Photos by:  Brennan Shortall