Canadian Fast Street Car proponent — Nick Agostino — leads renewed Eastern Outlaw 10.5 class direction…

Recently – Ontario’s NAPA Ultimate Showdowns Drag Racing Series announced the exciting addition of Outlaw 10.5 class racing for some of it’s 2016 event venues.  This summer, area fans will now be able to enjoy 5 second Pro Mods, 6 second Fast Door Cars & Dragsters and now ultra fast 1/8th mile 10.5 cars all in the same weekend!

Spearheading this new program is Markham-based Fast Street Car racer Nick Agostino who has been a fixture  within running the Canadian Outlaw 10.5 Series.   This shift and alliance with the NAPA presented circuit is both strategic and timely according to Agostino.

Nick Agostino

Nick Agostino

“Near the top of the list was supporting tracks close to home and aligning his series with a professionally run organization such as the USDRS – it’s a win – win for sure,” he said”  “There will be a complete new fan base being brought to the events with the 10.5 racers.  Up until this year, the Canadian 10.5 cars ran a modified rules package from Cecil County and the U.S 10.5 Outlaw series.  We approached them to continue this, and it was turned down – so we gathered as a group and decided to make some changes that would excel our series locally.”

Through conversations over the winter months, a deal was struck that would see the Outlaw 10.5 series join the Ultimate Showdowns series for 3 races. Nick goes on to explain how they have opened up the rules somewhat to allow more cars to run those races. He believes these somewhat relaxed rules will bring out some cars that have been sitting idle for a few years – and let the fans enjoy full car counts each race.

Nick believes with the combination of the new rules package and partnering with a well run series that have already aligned themselves with 2 of the best tracks in Southern Ontario, that owners of older pro mods, Pro 5.0 cars and other cars that may not fit into a certain rules package will be tempted to throw on a set of 10.5 tires and come out and race – and he already has made contact with a few that are going to do just that.


Ideally, the teams wanted to wanted some flexibility in the schedule as some will still be travelling to the U.S for the larger races. These include some PDRA races, Yellowbullet Nationals as well as the Shakedown – so the 3 race series, although close in timeframe will be a great way to introduce new fans to the class. Some teams may not be ready for a May start – so starting in July will give them some testing time in the US and the be race ready.

“We wanted to make sure that for the 7 or 8 legal teams that regularly compete in the US, we didn’t want to change anything in terms to weights etc for them,” Nick added.  “Basically, they will be able to pull their car out of the box at the races here, run the race, load up and drive down to an event like Yellowbullet and make a hit with no changes”.D3S_8208

Alternatively, teams that are from the surrounding areas in the US can come and race for the cash in the Ultimate Showdowns 10.5 Class.

Agostino will also be on the Board of Directors for the Ultimate Showdowns for 10.5 class and will be the go-to guy for all things related.

Lastly, Nick wanted racers to know that there is a guaranteed $5000 purse to win – for each race. All details haven’t been finalized as of yet, but that’s 5000 reasons to come out and try the new class! If there are any companies out there that would like to align themselves as a class or race sponsor, that’s up for discussion as well. The class is looking forward to building the foundation locally and expanding in years to come.

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Posted by:  Brennan Shortall

DragRaceCanada File photos by: Brennan Shortall and Bruce Biegler