Divisional Prestige for Plaizier

During the recent and very last Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series event of the season, Canadian Eddy Plaizier clinched a hard fought NHRA Divisional Championship…..

Driving his very reliable “topless” ’63 Corvette the patriarch of the multi-car family orientated drag racing effort based from Alberta, earned top final placing for the Super Gas category in Northwest Division 6, during eliminations held at “The Strip” at Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

Driving this Corvette, Alberta's Eddy Plaizier is the 2014 Lucas Oil Super Gas Champion for NHRA Division Six

Driving this Corvette, Alberta’s Eddy Plaizier is the 2014 Lucas Oil Super Gas Champion for NHRA Division Six

Going into that final LODRS race of the year, Plaizier was in a strong position in points but he did need some help from the competition as he trailed both Dave Kelly and Steve Laskowske in the chase. But when Kelly lost in round #1 and then Laskowske in the second frame – the championship opportunity was opened – which he then took full advantage of.

“It took some great planning and a little bit of luck, but everything came together,” said Plaizier. “With both Kelly and Laskowske losing I knew that all I needed to do was win my second round and the Championship was mine.”

Plaizier in fact had a very eventful and busy season leading up to that accomplishment. He and his racing family, which is comprised of son Casey and his wife Angelina, Eddy’s wife Cynthia and daughter Frankie, ventured the furtherest they ever have from Alberta to go racing. That included a memorable mid-season Eastern tour which saw them entered for competition (for the first time ever) at the NHRA national event races in Bristol, Joliet and Epping.

Eddy Plaizier

Eddy Plaizier

But Eddy was quick to point out that some very early season strategy and planning was ultimately a key to how the season panned out.

“Casey and I started off the year with a trip to Las Vegas in January to test – as Gary Stinnett is now building our engines in the throttle stop cars.” he relayed. “The early test session allowed us to test some new theories we had on how to set up the Corvette to get the consistency dialed in closer. That test session was crucial — as I went 4 rounds at the race in Boise and then won the Spokane race for the 3rd year in a row. That put up a lot of points early and contributed to winning the Division. We battled some early drivetrain gremlins that were quickly resolved by A1, which then resulted in at least a 3rd round finish at our last 6 NHRA races of the year. That moving me to 16th Nationally in Super Gas.”

“Casey and I have developed an unconventional way of tuning the carburetor and setting up the Corvette,” he continued. “That drastically increased the consistency and drivability of the car. We got our 60 foot times so consistent and that really helps execute our plan on every run.”

“This year we have really come together as a team, as everyone has a specific role,” he’d added. “Cynthia watches the track and wind conditions, Angelina and Frankie keep an eye on what the competition is doing, and Casey and I focus on tuning the cars and what our game plan is going to be.”

Casey - Cynthia and Frankie  Plaizier

Casey – Cynthia and Frankie Plaizier

Plaizier Racing gets great support from a number of valued sponsors and they were quick to cite that as key to their overall season success — “We would like to thank Thompson Brothers Construction, ACE Racing, A1 Performance Transmissions and Converters, The Iron Garage, Dan Provost at RAD Torque, Sobey’s (Fort McMurray) and Gary Stinnent,” Eddy affirmed.

Post and Photos by: Bruce Biegler