Back in 1994 when we where asked to go to a small town in Northern, Ontario to put a drag race on, at a airport, I really thought some people had lost their minds….

Posted by Arnie Malcolm
But here we are heading into our 16 year of doing just that, putting full tilt Drag Races on at airports through the provinces of Ontario and Quebec. Back when we started, and our first event at Earlton, Ontario was our venue there was nothing like this happening, so many where also skeptical that it could even happen, let alone be successful.
So as you can imagine and we head into the 2011 season we are extremely excited about the return to Elliot Lake for the 12th year in a row July 15-16-17, for a Benson Auto Parts Tour Event. The longest running out of town race that exists on the tour, Elliot Lake always has something special to entice the drivers back to the great north, and it is with out question one of the most fun events each and every year on the tour. When I made the visit to Elliot Lake back in 1998 little did any of us realize how big this event would be even in the first year, and how it has grown each and every year since.  So with the 12th addition happening this July 15-16-17, too say we are excited about going back to Elliott Lake would be putting it very mildly.
Arnie Malcolm, all of ADM Motorsports and all of those that race on the tour look forward to this event, as it its truly our version of Christmas in July. Drawing car counts that are now well over 400 and spectator counts that many  weekly race tracks would die to have, yes there is something special about the Elliot Lake Race. Many of us that have been to national events on the NHRA or IHRA tour are quick to point out that this is as about as close as your going to get to a National Event type Bracket Race anywhere. The excitement that is all over town, and the excitement that takes place at the race itself is like nothing else and something you will not feel at a regular race track. The event which will take place July 15-16-17 will once again be a must stop for many of the regular tour racers, and will once again feature some of the richest bracket racing on Canadian Soil.
The race which will kick off on Friday Night with the famous all run Gamblers race, will also feature a Friday night , night of fire show by the jet cars which also have been a main stay for this event. A full day of racing and many other activities will take place on Saturday, with a band and a huge party on Saturday night. Everything comes to a climax on Sunday when the Super Pro Drivers run for a whopping $10,000. to win which has everyone on the edge of their seat all day long. The event is also more than just drag race, as a car show, kids things, and stunt bikes are the norm for the spectators entertainment.
Yes,  the Elliot Lake race which is held at the Elliot Lake airport is more than just a drag race, its a “Happening” that you don’t want to miss. The event has long been strongly supported by the City of Elliot Lake, and the North Shore Cruisers Car Club, and with out this support would never happen, and as we earlier said, it is a Happening” I would also urge everyone to visit their web site which is currently undergoing updates and changes to stay with the times.
Elliot Lake more than puts an effort into this once a year event and is well worth the visit, where we are sure you will have the time of your life.
For more information on the Elliot Lake North Shore Challenge visit their web site at www.elliotlakedragway.com