Ontario’s Frank Pompilio notched himself a very nice victory during the PDRA’s Summer Drags event
last night in Michigan….

Racing his truly impressive and turbocharged 1967 Ford Mustang – the King City-based Outlaw 10.5 class racer prevailed to win in that DiSomma Racing Engines presented feature – as that class made it’s first of two schedule appearances for the PDRA this season.

Frank Pompilio's Mustang was dominate while winning at the PDRA's Summer Nationals in Michigan.

Frank Pompilio’s Mustang was dominating while winning at the PDRA’s Summer Nationals in Michigan.

Pompilio was clearly the event’s performance leader for that category. After driving his steel-bodied, twin-turbocharged 1967 Mustang to a 4.124 at 195.74 to qualify number one, Frank delivered a very stout and telling 4.059 secs at 196.76 mph in the final round (low ET and top speed) which was more than enough to beat Missouri’s Mark Micke.

Micke who was driving the 2005 Corvette owned by Mark Woodruff and who had qualified #2 behind Pompilio, had issues and slowed from his earlier pace in the final.

Pompilio bested Mark Micke's Corvette in the Outlaw 10.5 final round.

Pompilio bested Mark Micke’s Corvette in the Outlaw 10.5 final round.

Pompilio had advanced to the final round benefitting from a couple of competition singles based on his performance advantage and car count.  The racer had previously earned significant wins in both Canada and the USA with his ever improving machine – including at Cayuga and Norwalk. Frank is also credited with becoming the very first turbo car into the 3-secs zone on 10.5 tires – running a 3.999 secs at Virginia Motorsports Park last fall.

“It was a great weekend. I’m just happy to be here. PDRA puts on a great event. We look forward to coming back at MIR [Maryland International Raceway, July 14-16]. The whole team worked hard and we got a little lucky with a few rounds, but the car performed every round and we put up a number. We’re really happy about that,” Pompilio said, thanking supporters Pro Line Racing and Malfire Mechanical.

Posted with files by Bruce Biegler and Nate Van Wagnen

Photos by: Bruce Biegler