For 2016 – Grand Bend Motorplex’s racing programs will be it’s most diverse in many years….

The Ontario-stable Motosports facility has added in two new race programs for 2016, announced the return of another, and put more balance into it’s popular Rocksedge Extreme 32 program.

The Extreme Bike/Sled series is one of the new programs for 2016, it is similar to the PBSS series of the past. The program is open to Bikes quicker than 8.99 and Sleds quicker than 9.50. The 8 race bracket series operates on a 500 Sportsman tree with Throttle stops & Delay boxes allowed. Entry fee is $150 ($120 to the purse). Payouts back the quarters depending on field size. Fields of 16 and larger have guaranteed win money of $1000 or greater. Points membership is $75 with a yearend points program currently at $2000 and growing. This program has been made possible by the work of Jeremy Van Bastelar and the support of Stupid fast Cycles, Cryderman farms , J””S Performance, Quality Auto, Al Caron (The Hoist Guy) and Raceworks. The 8 races will take place on 4 weekends May 21/22 (Victoria day wkd), June 18/19 (All Bike Wkd at GBM), July 16/17 and August 13/14.


The second new program for 2016 is the Expert Autoglass Footbrake program, this was a class we experimented with in 2015 and it was very well received. So Mark Gubinski is supporting an expanded program for 2016. The 8 races in this fun/non points program are May 21/22, June 4/5, July 16/17 and August 13/14. It provides an a 2nd race opportunity for Mod & Street ET each day while providing some Old School racing action.


Returning to GBM for 2016 is the Windsor/Essex Bracket series . Limited to competitors from that area, this 6 race series runs June 4/5, July 16/17 and crowns Champions on Windsor Wkd July30/31.The program has two No Box classes separated by an ET break.

GBM’s quickest series Rocksedge Extreme 32 is making a couple changes in 2016 to even the playing field for all competitors. In the past the highest qualifying points went to the fastest entries, so generally the dragster competitors accumulated the most qualifying points, requiring the door car competitors to gain more round wins to catch up. For 2016 qualifying points will be given equally to each side of the ladder – the fastest dragster and the fastest door car will get the same qualifying points and so on. The perfect attendance points aspect was removed since the series is the best 10 of 12 races.

For 2016 GBM’ programs provide racers with the most multiple race day options in the area for the cost of one tow!

Posted by:  Paul Spriet 

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