The exploration of a fringe motorsport horizon is front and centre for the Edmonton-based Cast Off Racing team…..

When racing partners Steve Bourdin and Gord Villumsen tow into various drag strips in Western Canada – their presence for sure provides a unique experience for drag racing fans.

The duo have for a long period of time now experimented with and campaigned something very much outside the box for the sport of drag racing. Weighing in at over 12,000 lbs, the team’s ultra custom made and diesel-powered exhibition Freightliner truck is a lumbering fan favourite attraction.

Steve and Gord in fact started their project as far back as 2004 and have since then been chipping away with their own homebuilt technology while in pursuit of a personal performance goal – which they are now inching closer to actually achieving.

“Our truck started life as a 1985 logging truck – a tandem axle,” revealed Steve Boudin. “We pulled out all of the original drivetrain and started again. We made it a single axle and then put a 855 CID Cummins motor in it. Initially the truck went from the scrapyard to a car show in about 5 months.”

This 14L engine program features both turbochargers and a supercharger!

Over the seasons to follow Steve and Gord have been massaging their combination while racing within what is for sure unchartered territory.

Right now the motor program remains at 14 L (855 CID) but that features both twin compound turbochargers and also a Littlefield supercharger (that was added to address some bottom end turbo lag). The motor is a hand built speciality item which includes dual valve springs in the cylinder heads. The team also recently updated their drive train from a 4-speed transmission to what is now a 6-speed automatic.

Co-creators – Steve Boudin and Gord Villumsen

To date this lumbering beast has some best math on the 1/4 mile of 15.7 secs at just over 90 mph. But Steve and Gord have established a personal performance goal to exceed the so far illusive “century” mark.

“Our goal is to break the 100 mph barrier,” Steve affirmed. “Given the inherent weight of our project we certainly need to make good power – which we think we have enough of now. Our focus has now shifted to the transmission area and that to be honest has been a sore spot because of breakage. Everything we do is trail and error. In this venture we are really on our own — there’s not really any one else we can consult with. But our project (despite the headaches and expense) has been very satisfying. We really love to put on a show for the fans and give them something unique to watch and their response to our efforts has always been phenomenal.”

While Steve funds his racing project for the most part from his very successful Steve’s Diesel Repair facility in Edmonton, his project does benefit too from a number of supporting associates who share his vision.

That includes Badger Truck Parts, First Truck Centre (Freightliner Edmonton),Bassett Petroleum, Total Oil,GMV Appraisals, ARS Trucking,  Lesco Distributors, The Passion Vault, Fleetbrake and Sunset Diesel.

Western Canadian racing fans can look forward to Steve and Gord continuing their Cast Off Racing quest with more select event appearances this coming season.

Post and photos by Bruce Biegler