Leaf Racewear Continues Support

PMRA, Quick 32 Sportsman Series, and Pro Bike & Sled Series Safety Team well equipped for an emergency……
Safety is paramount in the operation of the Pro Modified Racing Association, the Quick 32 Sportsman Series, and the Pro Bike & Sled Series, and Leaf Racewear & Safety Equipment plays a vital role in this important aspect as the preferred safety equipment supplier of the three drag racing series Safety Initiative Program.
“Our Fire and Rescue Team have an important job to do at our race events,” explained Bruce Mehlenbacher, Director of Operations for the PMRA, the Quick 32 Sportsman Series, and the Pro Bike & Sled Series. “We are very grateful to Leaf Racewear, who provides us with the best in protection for this integral part of putting on a race.”
When the PMRA, the Quick 32 Sportsman Series, and the Pro Bike & Sled Series stage an event, the fire and rescue safety crew is front and center during the racing action in the event of an emergency.
“Trevor Dell and Johnny Liadis head the Fire and Rescue team for all Series, and they are skilled in their field,” Mehlenbacher continued. “Our Fire and Rescue squad along, with all the Series Officials, do a great job and work closely with the teams and supplement the venue’s emergency and safety crew at each track we participate to ensure a proper safety and emergency plan is in place to the benefit of our teams and their families, the track, the series, the sponsors and our fans. The safety of our fans, drivers and crew members is a critical priority to the Series”.
Leaf Racewear and Safety Equipment Inc. provides the PMRA, the Quick 32 Sportsman Series and the Pro Bike & Sled Series Fire and Rescue Safety team with two-piece fire suits, and these suits have the SFI specification rating of 3.2A/20. Suit material is set up in six categories from 3.2A/1 to the maximum 3.2A/20.
The suits are custom made for the individual, and are of the highest rating, noted Leaf’s Colin Grandy.
“These suits have the top rating,” Grandy said. “The trick is to make them as safe as possible and provide comfort at the same time.”
“This is important for these guys,” he continued. “They are the ones that have to get right in there in case of an emergency. Drag racing offers some of the most exciting and colorful racing in all of motorsport, but safety is an important element and cannot be overlooked.”
Now in its 27th year of operation, Leaf provides personal safety attire for the racing industry throughout North America and overseas in all forms of motorsport. Leaf supplies a large line of race suits, as well as seat belts, shoes, gloves, and undergarments, all with the ultimate in protection and comfort.
Based in London, Ontario, Leaf Racewear has been supplying personal safety attire for the race industry throughout North America.
The Series is pleased and thankful for the companies that play a leadership role in the Series’ Safety Initiative Program which helps to reduce the risk factors and increase safety awareness at its races.
Along with the fire-retardant suits, the PMRA, the Quick 32 Sportsman Series, and the Pro Bike & Sled Series Fire and Rescue Safety team wear fire-resistant gloves, boots, and helmets. These items, courtesy of G-Force Race Cars in Tonawanda, NY, are from Stroud Safety Apparel which offers a full line of safety apparel and accessories, along with drag racing parachutes.
“The Pro Modified class is one of drag racing’s most exciting and volatile classes and safety is a key element to our sport,” said Jim Salemi of G-Force Race Cars who supports the Series Safety Initiative. “The cars are constructed under strict technical and safety regulations provided by our sanctioning organizations. But to be a leader in our sport you need to run on the edge to be competitive and that can be dangerous.
“These cars make hundreds of runs down the race track,” Salemi continued. “It only takes one time for something to go wrong and you can be in trouble fast. We know. We’ve been there.”
The PMRA, the Quick 32 Sportsman Series, and the Pro Bike & Sled Series are also pleased to have the involvement of Jones Brown Motorsports in the Series’ Safety Initiative Program. Jones Brown Motorsports is the leader in motorsport insurance. Based in the US and Canada, for over 50 years, Jones Brown has provided the motorsport industry with a broad range of insurance coverage, products, and programs.
For more information contact Bruce F. Mehlenbacher at Bruce@PMRA.ca