A major post-season upgrade for one of Canada’s longest running drag strips sets the stage nicely for 2021….

Ontario-Quebec border facility Luskville Dragway (Luskville PQ) has received a major investment and upgrade.  After being first established in 1969, the long time and continuing operating track will now feature a premium new racing surface in time for next spring’s drag racing commencement.

The development is but the latest chapter for long time and dedicated Canadian drag racing promotor and proponent Arnie Malcolm, who first assumed ownership for the facility back in 1981.

“The past season presented us with challenges for sure,” Arnie reflected. “Going into the 2020 racing season we didn’t even know if we would survive or not.  But as things worked out the season was good to say the least.  In fact so good that it was decided that we would make a major commitment to the future of Luskville Dragway and the sport of drag racing in our area.”

Malcolm and his track staff enlisted the help of many local sponsor businesses, advertisers and racers themselves for help with both the six figure $ investment and labour needed for a complete surface overhaul.

“We set about removing over 1000 feet of the Luskville Dragway race track — from the water boxes to 100 feet past the 1/8 finish line and replaced it with a consistent pour of concrete,” he revealed.  “The job was done in three pours doing one lane and then the other, finishing up with the middle part at the starting line was done giving us a laser poured slab of concrete in each lane.  The complete operation took over 10 weeks to complete which included replacing a large chunk of the return road — which the pumper trucks and cement trucks had to use during the process.”

The improvements will provide area competitors with a much safer and more effective surface to race on in 2021 which will benefit both the track’s already flourishing ET Bracket Racing programs as well as open up additional potential fan opportunities for more feature type races in 2021.

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Posted by Bruce Biegler

Photos courtesy of Luskville Dragway