NDRA Redo – This Weekend

After losing it’s scheduled eliminations due to rain a couple of weeks back – the Alcohol Funny car and Pro Doorslammer circuit cars for the NDRA (National Drag Racing Association) will return for a redo and double header event this weekend at Cayuga Dragway (Toronto Motorsports Park)…

The recent Canadian Nitro Nationals ended up exceeding all expectations with putting on the biggest race in years.  Friday already became a full house with parking Pro cars filling up the place with more to come on the Saturday. From the Jet transport truck (Shockwave), Jet cars, Top fuel dragsters, Nitro Funny Cars, NDRA Nitro Nostalgia Funny Cars, NDRA Alcohol Funny Cars, NDRA Pro Doorslammers, Outlaws and much much more!!!! Making a fun and Exciting weekend for Drivers, Fans and staff. It was nice to see the fans right into it creating a loud and vocal day cheering on the Fast Entertaining racers from the time they left the line to the time they pulled in front of the crowd to go back to the pits to try and quickly get ready for there next round with one good car after another.


It was a great way to lead to are next Event August 2nd to 3rd with now a Double Header weekend to come with a double trophy ceremony Saturday and Sunday for the NDRA Alcohol Funny Cars and Pro Doorslammers cars with Sunday’s Event getting rained out during the Nitro Nationals making this NDRA’s most important event for points and standing’s with a double payout.

This will be such an exciting Event with are Tribute to are founder and friend Dale Boeru, making this a truly memorable race for a life time.

Returning as are number 1 Qualifier in the NDRA Alcohol Funny Car series to try and win the whole series this year, for an even more special trophy to are founder Dale Boeru, is Paul Noakes with an amazing time of a 5.69 with a 256 mph run and runner up was Rob Atchison with a 5.89 at 246 mph, rounding out the field for the Saturday’s Eliminations to lead up to are Sundays Eliminations round was Vince Rastelli at 6.02 at 196 mph, the new comer driving the 2 time NDRA champions car of Larry Dobbs, Tyler Scott at 6.17 at 196 mph the Methanol Monster racing team driven by Duane Beers at 6.22 at 227mph, Ron Bankes at 6.23 at 224mph, the Anthill Mob new this year who suffered some mechanical problems but still making a qualifying time and new comer Chris Zgoda to try and take a commanding lead for the Funny Car Championships Labour day weekend. It will be interesting to see how everyone respond’s fighting for the lead!!!

In the Pro Doorslammers side as well with a big field of 10 fighting for a commanding lead which may end up being a close one this year is qualifier number 1 Trevor Deeks of London with a 6.55 at 215 mph followed by Jack Brohman with a 6.59 at 208 mph, Wayne Neilson posted a 6.75 at 206 mph, Dave Sullivan with a 6.96 at 201 mph. Rounding up the field was Jerry Ransford, Steve Corriveau, Doug Blowes, Joe McCormick, Ed Szram and Tom Stuart making this a tight field this year for are double header!!!!!  Ciara, Dales granddaughter will be making a special appearance to do a special intro to start the races by singing oh Canada and giving the go ahead for the drivers to start their engines. This will be a truly special weekend for the Halimand community weekend coming August 2nd to 3rd and won’t want to miss out!!!



Hope to see you there and thanks again to all the great race fans, Sponsors, Toronto Motorsports Park, Drivers and staff, we would not be able to do this without you and putting Canadian Drag Racing on the map to get bigger and better !!!! See you soon at are Double Header/tribute race !!!!

Posted by:  Rob Boeru

Photos by:  Bruce Biegler