Newly announced Brand Recognition Speciality company will provide assistance to Canadian Automotive Aftermarket industry…
Concept Canada Group is a new enterprise with the objective to promote marketing in the automotive aftermarket industry. It will provide a new concept in brand awareness and marketing by assisting manufacturers and their representative agencies.

Concept Canada Group offers profit-enhancing services to the Canadian automotive aftermarket industry, including replacement part providers, upgraded and performance part providers, accessory, tool, service equipment, chemicals and proprietary services companies.Concept-Canada-Group-copy-copy

Concept Canada Group is designed to provide an extension to a factory advertising program, using direct engagement at the consumer and jobber/retailer level to raise specific product awareness.

We were excited to share our announcement, explained Paul Polly, a Principal of Concept Canada Group. It is important to note we are brand awareness specialists, supportive of all Warehouse Distributors and the Jobber and Retail trade, not automotive aftermarket product representatives. We are focused on product identity and brand awareness to the jobber/retailer and the retail consumer.

Concept Canada Group achieves client objectives via implementation of contemporary and proven methods of retail extension and special events promotion. Its foundation is attention to detail and accountability.

Most importantly, Concept Canada Group engages in a client relationship only on a category-exclusive basis.

Concept Canada Group is devoted to providing fresh new ideas in brand marketing into Canada’s automotive aftermarket trade with our primary focus in Eastern Canada.

We look forward to familiarizing many friends in the industry with our new concept, explained Bruce Mehlenbacher, a Principal of Concept Canada Group. We will provide more detail as to how we will work together to increase sales, market share and specific brand awareness within targeted categories.

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