The NHRA adds an 8th sanctioned drag strip within Canada…

Bonfield Event Park in Canada becomes the eighth NHRA member track within “the great white north”. 

Located in Northern Ontario, Bonfield Event Park sees racing competition from cars, trucks and sleds. Owned and operated by Lisa Groves, the Bonfield Event Park staff looks forward to joining the NHRA member track lineup. 

“Our family is very excited and proud to become part of the NHRA family,” said Groves. “If you ever find yourself in beautiful northern Ontario, please stop by to say hello.” 

“We are excited to add another track in the Canadian market,” said Dave Mohn, the NHRA Division 1 Director. “We look forward to meeting the racers in the area and the growth of our sport in the region.”

 Bonfield Event Park becomes NHRA’s eighth member track in Canada, and fifth within Division 1. It also marks the eleventh international NHRA location. 

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The track joins a group of nearly 120 NHRA member tracks worldwide. As an NHRA-sanctioned track, the facility will be eligible to offer racers a variety of NHRA racing opportunities, including the NHRA Summit Racing Series, the NHRA Summit Racing Jr. Drag Racing League and NHRA Jr. Street. 

NHRA Division 1 includes seventeen tracks across the region. Racers in New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New Hampshire, Virginia and Maryland make up the division in the northeast region. Division 1 hosts competitions throughout the year along with countless other events for the heartiest of drag racing competitors and fans. For more information, including schedules, point standings and more, go to the Division 1 website,

Posted by NHRA Communications