OSCA Round 5 Report

Sunny skies and warm temperatures greeted the OSCA faithful as they invaded Toronto Motorsports Park recently for round #5 of their 7-race 2014 series…

EZ Street thus far been dominated by the PSP crew during elimination rounds. The team of Matt Glassford and Chris Fernandes with their ProCharged 2000 Firebird have shown they’re capable of running the number but haven’t been able to translate that into a win yet. Rob Galli came out to play this weekend and would tease his competitors during qualifying shutting off early but showing stout numbers to the 1/8th.

Galli would take on Jeff Thompson and his 1990 Mustang in round #1. The two left the line with Thompson going red then Galli going sideways! Galli hiked the wheels then blew the tires off and three wheeled it sending him dangerously close to the centerline. Somehow he kept the car from crossing the line and was able to coast down the track as Thompson layed down an 8.04 to at least give him valuable data for their next time out. The semi finals would be some of the greatest EZ Street racing to date. Ernie Zambri would take to the line against Matt Glassford in the first pairing. Glassford’s .069 reaction time matched to Zambri’s .072 had them on a fight to the stripe. Not able to tell from the starting line, the win light came up on Zambri’s side as his nitrous powered Mustang norrowly edged out the Firebird with a 7.673 to Glassford’s 7.682. Rob Galli and Paul Silva would make for an equally exciting semi final as Galli hoped to finally break the streak put up by PSP of Zambri and Silva in each EZ final this season. Galli’s .058 reaction time to Silva’s .081 would prove to be the difference as Silva’s 7.681 wasn’t enough to defeat the 7.683 Galli.

Rob Galli didn't show his hand in qualifying but sure did in eliminations taking the EZ Street win.

Rob Galli didn’t show his hand in qualifying but sure did in eliminations taking the EZ Street win.

With such close racing in the semi finals the final pairing of Galli vs Zambri wouldn’t disappoint as the pair left the starting line 1 hundredth of a second apart. Galli powered to the 60′ with the wheels just a few inches in the air. Zambri was running numbers of a bracket car all day running a stout 7.67 with an 8 but it wouldn’t be enough to beat the 7.665 layed down by Galli’s nitrous powered smallblock.

King of the Street has taken abit of a hit in bike count this season but some familiar faces returned and a few new ones came out trying to take home the crown as fastest naturally aspirated street legal bike on the grounds. Jaws dropped as Joe Carlos aboard his Black Cat Pub GSXR1000 posted a stout 8.05 at 162mph during qualifying. When eliminations rolled around Carlos was running impressive 8.1’s through the first two rounds but would fall off the pace after spinning in the semi finals, not able to make up time against the ZX14 of Chris Fenech. Fenech had been having a good showing all weekend long. Consistent runs in the 8.40’s would get him to the finals where he would take on veteran racer Randy Hope who was piloting Warren Blank’s Kawi ZX10. Blank watched on in excitement after seeing Hope post a personal best of 8.43 on the boards in the first round. The little 1000 showed it could run with the big bikes as Hope launched hard and got out front but the ZX14 of Fenech would power by as Hope ran a little of his earlier pace only managing an 8.59 to Fenech’s 8.40 at 157mph.

Joe Carlos continued his objective to be the first into the 7's in KOTS bikes

Joe Carlos continued his objective to be the first into the 7’s in KOTS bikes

Tony Nicoletti had issues in the finals of Street Eliminator giving the easy win to Zack Cudizio in his 1991 Camaro who ran 10.56.

Proud Grandpa Larry Dean of Bowmanville would take the win in 8.90 defeating Bill Suitor in the finals.

Index and Comp provided some exciting racing action with Michael Domenichetti being a dominant force in Pro Comp all weekend long winning both Saturday and Sunday. Kelly Cooper was another double winner as he drove Dave Coopers Corvette in 12.90 while he waits to finish the truck he would normally compete in the class with.

Other winners from Saturday and Sundays racing action:

• 9.90 Sat- John-Anthony Iamundi         Sun- Tim Kennelly
• 10.90 Sat- Al Hodgson         Sun- Eric Webber
• 11.90 Sat- Randy Nunn       Sun- Doug Kiehn
• 12.90 Sat- Kelly Cooper Sun – Kelly Cooper
• Pro Comp Sat- Michael Domenichetti Sun- Michael Domenichetti
• Open Comp Sat- Dan Marvin      Sun- Jarrod Kolne
• Bike/Sled Comp Sat- Nicole Meloche  Sun- Pete Stewart
• Street Fighter Sat- Glenn Monk
• VRod Destroyer Sat- Chris Fox

Post & Photos by: Marc Ackert  – www.DragNDen.com