Opportunity certainly knocks for a highly motivated young Western Canadian with already deep drag racing roots…..

The emerging talents of 19-year old Chevy Reeves continue to evolve at and around Edmonton’s Castrol Raceway.   

This young driver, who is the only offspring to living Canadian drag racing legends (and Castrol Raceway co-owners and operators) Rob and Kimberley Reeves — and with the actual name “Chevy” — unquestionably does have drag racing DNA.

Chevy Reeves

Through his life so far — there has seemingly been a natural progression for Chevy Reeves — who while balancing his present involvement in drag racing — is also now within the pursuit of a Bachelor of Commerce degree.

“I got into drag racing — very very early,” Chevy laughed.  “I was born August 9th 2000 — which coincided with the “Hot August Night” feature race at Castrol Raceway.  In fact that day my parents had to rush from the track to the hospital — where I was then born.  Then the very next day — I was at the drag strip – hanging out.”

Despite just turning 19 this year — Chevy’s racing career itself amazingly now includes over a decade of experience.  That first got going within Castrol Raceway’s “NitroRatz” Junior drag racing program — when he was only 9.  After 5-6 years of development there — at age 16 — he graduated into fast ET bracket and Top Dragster racing.  

Kim & Rob have remained by Chevy’s side throughout his drag racing career development.

During this just past 2019 season Chevy continued to hone his driving skills in not one – but two different machines.  He drives his team’s American Race Cars built T/D — a low 7-secs car that features a 615 CID Sunset BBC motor program.  Last season Chevy also jumped into he cockpit of a second car – a Brogie-chassis Roadster that has a 587 CID Sunset engine.   Both of these cars race primarily within Castrol Raceway’s thriving, successful, and highly competitive Top Eliminator Club programs.  The dragster runs 1/4 mile while the Roadster usually runs TE 1/8th mile events.

Chevy drives this very formidable car within Top Dragster class racing.

“Having two cars to race has given me more seat time, experience and perspective,”  Chevy added. “I do have some lofty goals for the future and I’m working on a foundation for all that.  Ultimately I would like to drive something very fast — being behind the wheel of a Pro Mod or a Top Fuel car — would be amazing.”

Last season – Chevy further honed his driving skills in this BBC powered Brogie-built roadster.

“By being around Castrol Raceway all my life — I’ve been fortunate to have learned from some of the very best drivers out there – guys like Terry Capp, Ryan Hodgson and Tim Boychuk just to name a few,” he added.

Needless to say — Chevy’s close relationship with his parents has been both highly influential and nurturing.  

“Wow — what can I say about that,” he added.  “Having Rob and Kim who operate Castrol Raceway as my parents is for sure something extremely special.   Without them— I’d probably be nowhere in drag racing — and more then likely be into video games or something more lame (LOL!). They have given me a great life and opportunity to embrace — and I’m focused to take full advantage of that.”

Chevy’s involvement with Castrol Raceway is also notable from another dimension to — including participation within the track’s advertising and marketing programs — making some promotional radio and media appearances.  

Post and photos by Bruce Biegler