Canada’s close knit “fast street car racing” genre includes immense character – but this Ontario racer is larger still……

Within a relatively short period of time, Tim Power (from Enterprise ON) has left quite a mark.   Tim has been a regular racer within the Canada Heads Up – Shootout Series (presented by Speedwire System, Maxima Racing Oil and Nash Competition Engines) for a few seasons.  He began his rise to within the ranks of EZ Street class, racing a 2015 model Camaro, with which he has been in total dedicated developer mode.

“Back in 2015 I purchased two Camaro’s —  a 1LE for myself and a convertible ZL1 for my wife (Bev),” Tim revealed.  “They both (all white) came from Royal Cadillac in Orangeville. We immediately went to work on my 1LE “affectionally dubbed DBLCHBY” (Double Chubby) — adding a single turbo kit from Huron Speed which was installed and tuned by SPI in Dundas Ontario. We started going to track days and test and tune events every chance we could to keep improving our time. We went from 11 seconds down to low 10 seconds, and then we kept practicing until we got the car into the high 9’s – in full street car trim.”

The DBLCHBY 2015 Camaro EZ Street car in action at Cayuga Dragway

“A little later I did get a wakeup call of sorts when running at Shannonville Dragway.  We had an issue and the car spun the tires and I swapped lanes — but thankfully no one was in the other lane!  It was at that point I decided I needed safety to be my focus if I wanted to go any quicker.  We tasked Lowdown Hot Rods (Cambridge ON) where Tom, Brodie, Linda & Austin built me a beautiful safe race car with high emphasis on my safety.”

That construction was then complimented by George from MGR Performance in Laval Quebec, who stepped up as a sponsor for “DBLCHBY” with all brand new Dart block motor program which replaced the original LS3 Tim had been running.   Power then tagged reputed Ernie Zambri (Tuned By Eazy) for his race car’s tuning duties.

“For a competitive sport — I cannot believe the help I received along the way from my fellow competitors,” Tim then emphasized.  “Racers like Wadjy Khalil, Nick Agostino, Ian Hill, Paul Silva, Mike Ski and many more.”

Tim is a cog member of a multi-car — all Camaro race car team — that also includes, Jeff Gilbert, Nick Champini, Dave Hallam & Rick Rosella.  That team (4D Racing)  is short for “Four Dummies Racing” (LOL) — whose reputation for fun (both on and off the track) is:  let’s just say somewhat local legendary!

As fate would have it, the upcoming 2022 season will see Tim Power forced to step back a bit from his original racer objectives.  During the off season he has been diagnosed with a serious illness — but with that said – Tim is equally serious about pushing himself for a full recovery.  

“I realize I have a long battle — but my goal now is just to get back to the track to watch the great race cars in Canada and cheer on all the great drivers and teams,” Tim touted. “DBLCHBY has been sold — but I hope the new owner enjoys that car as much as I did.”

“Tim has been the driving force behind my addiction to drag racing,” added co-team member Jeff Gilbert. “All this time we have had a great time together.  Everybody knows Tim and loves the guy – his personality is just as addictive.  So during this recovery stage I will have him crew chief for my “Gas Monkey” Camaro for this year — and we hope he makes it to as many races as possible.”

Tim Power

Posted by Bruce Biegler 

Photos by Blake Farnan & Bruce Biegler