The 2015 drag racing season for the formidable Can-Am BFR Pro Modified team included a strong conclusion…

U.S.-based (BFR) driver Kevin Fiscus scored a runner up finish in the Precision Turbo Pro Mod class at the Premier Street Car Association (PSCA) Street Car Super Nationals (SCSN) XI race at The Strip at Las Vegas Motor Speedway in Nevada on November 19-22, 2015.

The first round of Precision Turbo Pro Mod qualifying on Thursday doubled as a special thousand-dollar shootout race, and Kevin Fiscus finished fifth with his beautiful new Larry Larson Race Cars-built 2012 Ford Mustang. Powered by a twin Precision turbocharged Pro Line Racing HEMI motor, Fiscus went 5.949 at 228.04 mph. For round two, Fiscus went 5.979 at 245.85 mph and slipped into seventh. After the final session, however, Fiscus had moved down into the number eleven spot as his second round effort was his best qualifying pass of the weekend.
In Q1, teammate and Bell/Fiscus Racing owner Jim Bell laid down a 5.927 at 247.11 mph run with his twin turbo Pro Line Racing 481X-powered 1969 Camaro in NHRA-legal trim. In Q2, Q3, and Q4, the team had stepped it up on the tune up but struggled with tire shake on every hit. Bell’s Q1 effort stood as his best of the weekend, and was strong enough to secure him as the number six qualifier after all sessions were run and the ladder was set.
For the first round of eliminations, Fiscus was paired with John Durden who had qualified sixteenth. Fiscus easily dispatched him with a 5.981 at 248.66 mph run. Bell should have had an easy win against Daniel McKune, but McKune staged early and Bell was red-lighted due to an error by the starter. Bell ran anyway, and his Camaro was on a killer pass when its motor let go near the 800-foot mark and torched a block and one head. After, Bell protested with video evidence to prove the starter did not give him his allotted seven seconds. Track management agreed, and decided to re-run the race. The drivers had one hour to return, but unfortunately the BFR team was not able to swap in Bell’s spare 481X in time. Consequently, Bell had to forfeit the round. Fiscus continued on and picked up another win in round two, this time against Jay Diedrich, with a 5.953 at 247.75 mph. With his Mustang running extremely well, Fiscus moved into round three. There, he advanced over Greg Seth-Hunter and continued on to the semi-finals. For his fourth challenge of the weekend, Fiscus faced off with John Mihovetz. Fiscus got the hole shot advantage and continued on to clock a 5.916 at 248.98 mph pass and trigger the win lights in his lane. In the finals, it was Fiscus against Clint Hairston. Hairston pulled away near the 60-foot clocks, and Hairston ran a 5.759 ET at a booming 255.24 mph – the quickest run for the class. Fiscus crossed the line with a strong 5.91 ET but did not have enough to get by Hairston and earned the runner-up title.

“We’ve had a great year, and I’m pleased that Kevin finished with a runner up finish at such a competitive race,” said Bell of the weekend’s outcome. “I would have liked to go further in the competition myself, but hurting my motor was unusual and definitely not in the master plan, but that’s just how things go sometimes.”

The Bell/Fiscus Racing team concluded its inaugural race season at the PSCA SCSN XI event, and the full schedule of events for the team’s 2016 season is currently in the works.

Post by Ainsley Jacobs