Swansong Season?  

Say it isn’t so!  The possible/probable exit of one of Canada’s most famous drag racing teams is apparently looming….

Pro Stock and Mopar brand aficionado Larry O’Brien (know affectionately as “OB” to many) has revealed that he will likely “pull the pin” on his illustrious drag racing career at the end of this season.

O'Brien Brothers ADRL Pro Stock Dodge

If so – that will create a rather huge gap within North America’s Mountain-motor Pro Stock racing scene, as Larry and his brother Wayne campaign the one and only truly competitive Dodge Pro Stocker within that realm of racing.  The duo have been racing mainstays within Canada, the IHRA and most recently the ADRL for about 40 years.

Larry & Wayne O'Brien

“Three years ago Wayne and I set ourselves a little time table which ends at the end of 2012,” Larry confided.  “I’ve been doing this for almost four decades and Wayne and I have been racing partners for 27. Wayne has some different things he wants to pursue family wise and so do I.   He wants to retire and I respect that. We are on the same page.”

“Right now we will finish out the 2012 season – the last ADRL race at Dallas in the fall will be our last,” Larry added.  “I will make my final rides as a driver there and then we will liquate things.”

Now at 58 years old, Larry began racing at age 18.  All of that time has been spent racing various fast doorslammer cars with uniquely engineered Pro Stock cars becoming a specialty.  Throughout his career his brand has been almost exclusively Mopar and over many seasons he and Wayne broke and reset hoards of records, all of the time retaining the title of being the fastest Mopar Pro Stocker in the world. 

“Once I am gone I definitely will not be back as a driver,” he affirmed.  “But I’ve done drag racing all my life and I really don’t know anything else.  I am going to go through this change of life and see where it takes me.” 

But there may be a glimmer of hope for Larry’s continued involvement in the sport his loves.  He did confirm that there is zero chance of a “Who-like” multiple retirement tour, but he did leave the window of opportunity open to remain involved in another form or supporting role aspect. 

Posted by:  Bruce Biegler (Photos by:  Bruce Biegler)