With new primary sponsorship — Edmonton’s premier racing facility — now preps for a very positive future ….

Seeking out and securing major sponsorship within drag racing is always a serious task. There is no denying it’s often very illusive to find serious partners that both appreciate and understand the essence of the sport we love.

But for Edmonton’s (formally known as) Castrol Raceway that scenario has come to fruition — with the official signing in October of a new 5-year agreement with British Columbia-based and industry tech leading RAD Torque Systems.

The legendary Alberta facility, now rebranded RAD Torque Raceway, is the end result of visionary thinking from two Canadian drag racing family proponents: track owners, the Reeves family, and RAD Torque Systems owners, the Provost family. Both, with deep involvement within drag racing that is undisputed, have together created what pretty much is a perfect storm partnership for straight line racing fans.

RAD Torque Systems founder and President Dan Provost — a very accomplished drag racer himself – certified some details of the origins for the exciting new agreement.

“We were racing our dragsters in (Medicine Hat) and I got to meet one of my son’s racing friends — Chevy Reeves,” Dan explained. “I was very impressed by Chevy as a person and a racer. Initially I agreed to sponsor his beautiful dragster with the RAD Torque logo and then Chevy and I got talking about any opportunities to sponsor something at their raceway. I was assuming it would be relatively simple – some signage. Well then as fate would have it when Chevy and his Dad (Rob Reeves) told me that the Castrol Canada had elected to terminate their sponsorship – a door of opportunity became wide open. Later we came to an agreement to sponsor the entire (multi-purpose) race facility. Needless to say I’m very enthusiastic to be such a large part of the amazing facility in Edmonton. We have agreed to a commitment for 5 years.”

While Dan Provost’s passion for supporting drag racing was one part of this – be assured the decision was also very business goal orientated. Edmonton is a very beneficial geographical fit for many of RAD Torque Systems cutting edge products.

“I believe that our presence is going to be good for our business in that region,” Dan continued. “Alberta is by far the largest users of our RAD Torque Guns due to the oil and gas industry. Many drag racers from Alberta do know us and use our tools — and that support is very much appreciated and recognized.”

The new alliance for the Edmonton motorsports facility is just the latest development within the RAD Torque Systems overall embrace for drag racing. Prior to that, over the last decade plus, Dan’s company has been very active with their support both locally within Canada and also at higher levels within the USA (and even the world).

RAD Torque Systems support for within drag racing has been lengthly and wide ranging – including local Canadian drag racing scenes and NHRA professional class racing. Their 2021 season support for the KB Racing / NHRA Pro Stock racer Dallas Glenn (bottom photo) both helped elevate Dallas to “NHRA Rookie of the Year” status as well as #3 in final NHRA World Championship points!

“RAD has been active sponsoring drag race cars, teams and events across North America for many years,” he affirmed. “We are active participants in the sport and I personally have been racing for over 12 years now and still absolutely love the challenge, competition and comradely of the sport. My son Darien Provost has been drag racing for over 10 years as well.”

Dan Provost himself is a very accomplished Top Dragster class racer — below (right) he was part of “Team Canada” during the highly prestigious Jegs All Stars event held in Chicago in 2015.

The agreement is very inspiring news for Western Canada’s motorsports scene overall but for drag racers and drag racing fans in particular — as we emerge from the forced pandemic frustrations.

“We are very excited about the 2022 race season in Edmonton,” Dan added. “Plans are in the works now for some improvements* as well as for scheduling and marketing of the track – and there will be some exciting announcements to come. The Reeves family have been great to work with — and we are proud as a Canadian company to be their new race facility sponsor.“

(* Planned Improvements include a 1/4 mile drag strip resurfacing — new sound systems throughout – LED lighting upgrades, and enhanced app-based competitor tech and registration.)

For the Reeves Family and who have been involved in ownership and operation capacities for the facility for the past 24 years — some real excitement for the future is evident.

“Our business has been built on passion for motorsports — and we couldn’t be happier to enter our 25th year with this new partnership with the Provost Family — who share that same passion”, stated Kimberly Reeves.

“RAD Torque Systems has an incredible reputation as a leading business industrialist in addition to their tremendous support of various motorsport endeavours throughout North America,” she added. “The commitment and confidence from the Provost family in our motorsport adventure is truly an honour and privilege.”

Officially the “launch” of the new RAD Torque Raceway branding did occur last week – coinciding with the kickoff of the track’s annual charity driven “Canadian Tire Magic of Lights” celebration.

About RAD Torque Systems — RAD Torque Systems (Abbotsford BC) is a world wide leading Canadian manufacturer of pneumatic, battery powered, and electronic pistol grip torque wrenches. RAD products are heavily utilized within industries such as oil & gas, petrochemical, automotive, mining, aerospace, power generation and manufacturing.

For more information link to RAD official : HERE

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Posted by Bruce Biegler
DragRaceCanada File Photos by Bruce Biegler & Steve Embling