It’s no joke — this Western Canadian takes his choices for drag racing to the extreme!…..

The name Beauchemin Brothers, is one of the most iconic names from within the history of drag racing from Western Canada. During the 1960’s thru to the mid 1970’s, Saskatoon-based brothers Ken and Pat Beauchemin ran a series of very popular cars including within both the BB/A and AA/A classes of drag racing. After that involvement, the duo moved on to fame and fortune within major Tractor Pulling circuits.

Andy Beauchemin is carrying some deep rooted Western Canadian motorsports tradition.

But this deep Western Canadian family history for drag racing continues on. Andy Beaucheim (son to Pat) who is from Sherwood Park AB, was at a early age, passed that family sports baton and that healthy tradition lives on.

Andy’s approach to drag racing is unique to say the least. He has chosen to participate within the sport of drag racing with what are arguably two of the most extreme, dangerous and unpredictable categories offered.

“When I was young I was at the race track a lot,” Andy revealed. “My earlier memories include interacting with great cars and people – names like Terry Capp and Twig Zeigler. I got my start about 1990 racing motorcycles. I ran five different bikes in various gas classes. Then in 2002 I made a big step when I bought my first Top Fuel motorcycle.”

“Since then I’ve had three different Top Fuel Harley’s,” he continued. “My current bike starting off in Pro Fuel — but over time we changed and upgraded it to 100% Top Fuel. It has all the right motor and parts now.”

“Our reputation racing a Top Fuel Motorcycle is something we’re pretty proud of,” he admitted. “Our team (which includes wife Kim and volunteers) is 100% independent and we do all of our own assembly and work. There is a harsh reality in this class and that is that the competition out there makes you step it up. You are constantly being pushed to run quicker and faster. That’s sometimes very hard to do when racing on a limited budget — but we pride ourselves with the fact we run pretty well and don’t break parts very often. ”

Andy Beauchemin’s “Joker’s Wild” is one of the most identified machines within the Top Fuel Harley class category.

Despite not racing his TFH as much as maybe he might like too — Andy’s team can boast some significant success within the eyes of the racing fan base. About ten years ago he caught the attention of the racing public when he first adopted his now very signature “Joker’s Wild” motif. Over time ever since, that ominous and rather evil look has for sure has made him arguably the single most immediately identifiable racer seen anywhere in the class.

“That look all started back in 2008 from a young fan’s suggestion,” Beauchemin continued. “We tired a couple version helmets first and then added the suit to match it. Everywhere we go – the fans love it — it’s been a lot of fun and very good for us.”

But during this just past 2017 season, Andy’s team decided to boost and escalate their team’s wild side reputation yet again. As if running a nitro-burning Harley was not enough — a decision was made to add a AA/FA to their team equation!

That car, formally a Funny Car chassis owned by Rick & Jason Duchene (and now dubbed “Joker’s Ego Trip”) began to take shape last summer and Andy has some exciting plans for racing that (albeit on a limited basis) this coming season.

“This car is intended to carry forward even further some of my family tradition which my Dad and Uncle started with their altereds,” he added. “The Duchene’s went above and beyond to help me acquire this car. In 2018, running both machines is the plan – with the altered having a more conservative schedule.”

It must be noted however that this AA/FA will not be Andy’s first ventures down the quarter-mile on four wheels. In fact his now very vast reputation riding Top Fuel Harley’s (25+ years) has intermingled with some other ventures including driving different Jet-powered vehicles (as far away as in Australia) and also including a stint as one of the drivers for the “Tachman” Mustang AA/FC team.

Andy’s very versatile career includes a stint driving the Western Canadian-based Tachman Racing Mustang Funny Car during 2007-2010.

Very early “Beauchemin Brothers” cars on track and on display at Saskatoon’s SIR!

With the dawn of 2018 now at hand, Andy and Kim plan to run their machines on a selective basis — with the main focus for the TFH being within NHRA’s now expanded 10-race Mickey Thompson Tires Top Fuel Harley Drag Racing Series events. That circuit opens for season business at NHRA’s Lucas Oil Winternationals ( presented by Protect the Harvest) at Pomona in February.

Post and photos by Bruce Biegler