2012 OSCA Season Wraps Up 

Ontario Street Car Association racers took to the track one last time at Cayuga Dragway to close out their 2012 racing season…..
Saturday qualifying would be run on the 1/4 mile but rain would come through the area during the night causing eliminations to be run to the 1/8th.  The track was hooking hard all weekend long as competitors took advantage of the cool air to lay down some impressive numbers.
EZ Street cars were flying during Saturdays qualifying with Nick Agostino in the #1 spot running 7.58 at 194mph with his single turbo 2000 SS Camaro. In round #1 Agostino would fall victim to the ProCharged Mustang of Noel Borg after a wild ride would put Borg through to the next round. After the smoke settled and the prestaged lights were lit, the finals would see the Ford Mustang of George Tserbis lining up against the Rolling Thunderz powered 69 Chevelle of Jorge Azevedo, piloted by his son Mark. With Wade from Maximum Performance helping to get the tune right for the last race, Tserbis would be unstoppable on Sunday.  A pop and a bang off the line would end Azevedo’s chances as he could only watch as Tserbis powered down the track to take his first OSCA event win. Congratulations to Noel Borg who would stay out in front of his competitors in points and would take the 2012 EZ Street Championship.
Pro Stock had some wild rides during qualifying as Ralph Melino can attest after his second qualifying attempt would have him dragging the bumper on a wild wheelstand that would see him come down and then sky the wheels again before finally putting a concrete racing stripe down the side of his beautiful 1970 Mustang. The finals would be an all Mustang affair as the fox bodied Stang of Wayde Mahoney would take on the 68 Mustang of Mike Dimech. The pair left together but Mahoney would take the stripe giving him the event win however with his good showing at the last race, Dimech would wrap up the 2012 Pro Stock Championship.
King of the Street has had a strong following of All Motor street legal bikes in its first year of existence. Mickey Dinnoo brought his Suzuki Hayabusa out to play for the last race of the year and would find himself in the finals against the gorgeous Hayabusa of JP Calandra. Calandra had been launching good all weekend long but in the finals he would wheelie hard off the line leaving the door open for Dinnoo to take the easy win. Joe Carlos accumulated enough points to take the King of the Street Championship. 
Matt Searles defeated Nick Garnet in the Street Eliminator finals. Matt DaSilva was not at the last race but already had enough points to lock up the 2012 Street Eliminator Championship.
  • 8.90 Winner- John Gallucio – R/U- Sean Sabato  –  2012 8.90 Champion- John Gallucio
  • 9.90 Winner- Gary Quill  — R/U- Marc Carano — 2012 9.90 Champion- Gary Quill
  • 10.90 Winner- Dan Marvin — R/U- Lance Bisson — 2012 10.90 Champion- Dan Marvin
  • 11.90 Winner- Franklin Guillaume — R/U- Randy Nunn  — 2012 11.90 Champion- Dan Pepper
  • 12.90 Winner- Doug Kiehn — R/U – Leonard Santarcangelo — 2012 12.90 Champion- Jarrod Kolne
  • Pro Comp Winner- Chris Lozon — R/U- Craig Irwin – 2012 PC Champion- Chris Lozon
  • Open Comp Winner- Randy Mounce — R/U- Lance Bisson – 2012 OC Champion- Jarrod Kolne
  • Bike/Sled Comp Winner- Nicole Meloche — R/U- Katie Shaw — 2012 B/S Champion- Pete Stewart
Congratulations to all the Champions of 2012! 
Photos and posting by:  Mark Ackert
To check out more photo’s from the event visit :  www.DragNden.com