MFR Prospector Racing Update

MFR’s Prospector is back in Edmonton after competing in the NHRA Canadian National Open in Mission BC over the past weekend…..
As its been occurring all season, we once again lost runs and data to a bad batch of clutch discs.
Earlier this season we seriously injured 2 engines when a new clutch disc manufacturer we have been using, sent us a batch of discs that literally fell apart in the bell housing.
We went back to last years discs for the Nationals in Edmonton, and ran OK but used them up . The new manufacturer sent us new improved discs for Mission, and they worked , but not very well. 

Prospector Corvette FC

We qualified for the field in the last position.  We were able to buy some discs from another racer just like the ones we used to use last year.  The boys worked until 3 in the morning prepping the car for round 1 Sunday.
We drew number one qualifier Tim Boychuk- who’s also a good friend  and a sponsor on our car. Tim’s team is number one in north America, and sets track records where ever they race so we needed a hail Mary to get us past him.
I was able to get off the starting line ahead of him and hold him off till about 300 feet but he just slowly motored by us for the win from there on. These guys have big power.
Tim went on to win the event.
I like to look for the positives in every defeat.   – We did better than our last race- –  We can say without a doubt that we know the problems we have had this year were the new discs, – we ended up running the quickest and fastest we have ever run 6.06 seconds at 237 mph, and we have power left to throw at the car for next time.
Our next events are Edmonton’s Hot August Nights August 10th, Spokane Washington night of fire Aug 20 and Saskatoon International Raceway Aug 27 .  We encourage all of you to come on out and get your nitro fix!
In closing we would like to apologise to the fisheries people if we damaged any salmon by firing those damn clutch discs in the Fraser river.
Photo by: Paul Grant 
Posted by:  Jay Mageau MFR   

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