A “lone wolf” machine is a popular attraction within the Canada Heads Up — Street Car Shootout Series….

Chris Corrado, who is from Windsor Ontario, has been actively massaging a personal passion project for over a decade.   And that lasting dedication has produced a different flavour for racing within the almost exclusively car dominated EZ Street class category.

For Chris, a licensed automotive technician by trade, and who traces his passion for fast cars and drag racing back 20+ years, his end product Chevy S-10 is one of the most unique and creative machines for all of Canada.

Windsor’s Chris Corrado campaigns one of the more unique machines within Canada’s thriving Fast Street Car racing scene.

“I first bought the S-10 back in 2008 out of Atlanta GA,” Chris revealed.  “At that time it was back halved with a 400 CID SBC and was just a bracket truck.  My first debut was that summer at St Thomas Dragway — and it went 10.40’s (naturally aspirated).  Over the years I slowly stepped it up a little at a time — and when I started using nitrous I was able to get the truck into the lower 9 secs range.  In 2015, I totally rebuilt the truck.   With a 23 degree SBC and two nitrous systems I got into the mid 8’s.  But then in 2017 I went to Rockford IL to pick up the engine I have now (a 408 CID 2.2 headed SBC).  Then I sent my intake to Nitrous Express (in Texas) and had them plumb two foggers for the new motor.  I did all the engine assembly myself as well as the nitrous tuning.”

Chris Corrado’s S-10 features a 408 CID SBC availed with two stages of nitrous oxide.

Chris’s truck identifies as a 1994 Chevy S-10 model and it scales just over 2700 lbs (including driver). 

“It has a one piece Pro Stock style front clip from Hairy Glass and it also has Fiberglass doors,” Chris continued. “I did add about 6 inches into the front bumper.  I did most of the fabrication with help from a few good friends.”

“The truck is back halved, has a 4-link with rear suspension and uses a 9” Ford rear end,” he added. “The front suspension is stock but with all of TRZ’s front suspension parts. For a transmission, I run a Transmission Specialties 2-speed Powerglide with a PTC torque converter to a carbon fibre Mark Williams driveshaft.”

He also revealed that his S-10 utilizes a B&M Pro Bandit shifter, a Racepak V300 data monitoring as well as an MSD ignition system.

Corrado does enjoy his somewhat “black sheep” status within his targeted class category on raceday.  “I had raced cars before but I wanted to build a truck – just because it’s something different — and I’ve always loved the S10 model.”

He and machine did make good progress during 2021.  It was a year that yielded some positive career best math.

“I went 7.77 secs @ 174.14 mph (1/4 mile) and it went 4.82 secs and 144.74 mph, 1/8 mile,” he confirmed.  “While I wasn’t able to pull off any event wins this past season — I did finish 8th over all in the CHP points for EZ Street.  I reached or exceeded most of the personal goals I had set out for myself — breaking into the 7’s was a major one.”

Chris is very grateful for all the help he has had along the way during his journey within drag racing so far.

“I thank everyone that helped me out this past season and over the years,” he emphasized.   “Aaron Etue did the fantastic paint job and Kirk Thomson did the welding fabrication.  I couldn’t have done it without my good friends Mike Burleigh, Codey Smith, Alex Rocheleau and Mike Donaldson, who all help me out at the track.”

Chris Corrado will target an early season test session as the spring of 2022 unfolds,  in advance of his plans for full participation within this year’s rendition for the Ian Hill Production Canada Heads Up – Street Car Shootout Series.  That 6-race series begins in June and ends in October – all events at fabled Cayuga Dragway @ Toronto Motorsports Park.

Post and photos by Bruce Biegler