Western Canadian based RH Racecars is quietly and effectively becoming a seriously recognized player within drag racing’s fast door car racing sceneā€¦.

With company founder Ryan Hinrichsen at the helm, the already reputable Kelowna BC based race car fabrication shop has during the 2015 racing season been very busy expanding it’s horizon.

This season, Ryan’s racing partnership, which includes Justin Bond and Washington-state based Shane Molinari has seen that group racing a turbocharged and Pro-Line Racing powered ’70 Camaro extensively and at a higher profile. After some early and initial dabbling with the car as a AA/PM in Competition eliminator, the team has now established focus within the NHRA’s highest echelon J & A Service Pro Modified racing circuit with participation at most of those series events.


Driven by Shane Molinari — the RH Racecars Camaro is doubling as a rolling test bed for future development.

Ryan admits that the 2015 campaign has multiple objectives. Not only is the expanded field presence intended to do R&D for his future race car construction projects — it is also meant to help further expand and market his RH Racecars company name.

“This car is a racing partnership between Shane, Justin and myself,” Ryan affirmed. “We decided to put something together and see what we could do at a higher level (NHRA). We got out for the first time later last year and our first national Pro Mod event was at Las Vegas last fall. This year we’ve run most of the NHRA events so far.”

Ryan Hinrichsen

Ryan Hinrichsen

Ryan revealed, maybe surprisingly, that the chassis they are currently employing was originally first built back in 2007.

“We actually had the chassis hanging idle in our shop for a while,” he continued. “Originally it was intended for Ricky Distefano but we went in a different route. Even though it’s an older car — it works really well. It’s been a great platform for us to cut our teeth and learn all the ins and outs about racing at this level. It’s providing a baseline for information for me that I can use going forward for future projects.”

Despite their somewhat rookie status, together the team has enjoyed some good success so far. Although their first circuit win still eludes them — they have been solidly in the mix at all the NHRA events they have attended including some impressive qualifying runs in the 5-secs zone. Between events the car is being kept at the Pro-Line Racing facility in Georgia.

“This turbo stuff for sure has a learning curve,” Ryan added. “It’s been good to get our feet wet in a somewhat older car first. This car is a bit heavy for NHRA – but at this point for us it’s all about learning for next year and beyond. With what we learn — I’d like to use that input to build something more modern.”

Ryan is also highly motivated about taking his RH Racecars company to a higher level of prominence within the industry and the 2015 racing season is acting as a catalyst for that.


“All the information I’ve gathered up this year so far has been invaluable,” he concluded. “In Canada because our racing season is so short and weather permitting — that’s a real restriction. But on this tour this season — I’m now right in the mix. I’ve probably learned more in the last three months then I did over two years before. While all my Canadian customers are great and remain a high priority — I obviously don’t want to build cars just for racing in Canada. My intention is to make RH Racecars a front runner in the industry at some point.”

The “BMH Motorsports” team also includes a very talented support staff which includes crew chief Tyson Carr and crewmen Cole Welch, Mike Micelli and Tommy Gaynor.

The BMH Motorsports team

The BMH Motorsports team

The team’s remaining 2015 racing schedule will include a return to action during the highly prestigious NHRA Chevrolet Performance U.S. Nationals at Indianapolis in early September.


To learn more about RH Racecars visit their FB Page: HERE

Post and photos by: Bruce Biegler