Chrysler Canada Honours Top Canadian Techs

By:  John Bolton

During the recent Mopar Canadian Nationals some top achieving technicians from within Chrysler’s Master Tech program were honored during a pre-race ceremony…. 

Chrysler Canada which has 440 dealers across Canada and who employ about 3500 technicians has a very innovative program to help recognize its top achieving technicians.

The Master Tech Regional and National Challenge is a monthly web based release that reviews repair and diagnostics procedures for new technology, be it a completely new model introduction such as the new Grand Cherokee or possibly a specific system such as a new power train that covers multiple lines of products.

Once the web based course is reviewed the techs do an on-line 10 question test that relates directly to the material covered in the release.  We then do a second level test with another 10 questions that’s not related to that release but rather to something different, as an example the 2010 Heavy Duty Ram Diesel, and make them go and search for the answers.  A passing grade for the Level 1 test is 80% and for Level 2 is 70%. At the end of the year, those who passed both Level 1 and 2 in at least 10 of the 12 yearly releases are eligible to do an on-line National Quiz of 25 multiple choice questions.

We then take the top 100 from the National Quiz participants (40 in Western Canada being Manitoba to Vancouver, 20 Ontario, 20 Quebec and 20 Atlantic) and bring them into their respective Chrysler training centers where they do a hands on test where we bug a vehicle and give them 12 minutes to diagnose it.

The 12 minutes sounds short however we set them up with everything ready to go including scan tools and internet access and we don’t simply gauge the winner by if they find the fault or not but rather on a points system on how they approach the problem.  As an example, they must follow the 6 diagnostic steps being 1- verification of complaint, 2- verification of related symptoms, 3- symptom analysis, 4- problem isolation, 5- repair isolated problem, 6- verification of proper operation.  If these steps are followed, they get a given amount of points.

From these top 100 hands on participants, we then take the 4 Regional Champions (1 Western, 1 Ontario, 1 Quebec and 1 Atlantic) and bring them to a location (this year Grand Bend Nitro Jam) where they are given another multiple choice test that ranges from questions on suspension to diesel to CAN B (vehicle communication system- Control Area Network) and we determine the National Master Tech Champion.

The techs are rewarded for participating in the program and the rewards increase the further they make it up through the championship challenges.

The program is designed at its most basic level to get important repair information into the hands of as many technicians as possible and then motivates and rewards those who go that extra mile and stay on top of technology and take customer satisfaction to the next level.

This Level 2 testing and the Master Tech Regional and National Challenges are unique to Canada and the dealer body whole heartily support and promote the program.


Photo (from left to right):  John Bolton- National Manager, Fixed Ops Training and Equipment Programs, Chrysler Canada, Stephen Osellame (Atlantic Regional Champion)- Dartmouth Chrysler Jeep Dodge, Dartmouth (Halifax) Nova Scotia, Aaron Johnson (Western Regional Champion)- Varsity Chrysler (1994) Ltd, Calgary Alberta, Matt Runstedler (National Champion)- Wellington Motors Limited, Guelph Ontario  Sebastien St. Jacques (Quebec Regional Champion)- Rond-Point Dodge & Chrysler Ltee, Longueuil Quebec,  Jim Kiritsis – National Sr. Manager, Service & Parts, Chrysler Canada. 

(Photo by:  Bruce Biegler)