The super scenic Kelowna B.C. area is home base to one of Canada’s most impressive and creative Outlaw Pro Street drag racing teams…

While race appearances each season are somewhat sporadic and always strategic, when the Cutting Edge Automotive & Performance race team shows for competition, the attention it receives is both immediate and impacting.

Spearheaded by three brothers, Darryl, Kerry and Dan, their 2-car drag race stable is comprised of a stunning 1967 Nova and an equally impressive ‘68 Camaro – both turbocharged.


Darryl Stone is the driver of the Nova which was originally built back in 2008. Darryl explained that his team had just completed a rather major upgrade when he made his ’14 season debut during Edmonton’s IHRA Mopar Rocky Mountain Nationals last summer.

“We originally had a Big Block Chevy with a Pro-charger in the car,” Darryl revealed. “For last year we went to a new 572 CID with twin 88 turbochargers and Big Stuff fuel management. The car had run a 6.8 (secs) at 207 mph prior – but with this combination we are hoping for 6.50’s at 220+ mph.”


Darryl Stone’s super stunning Nova has a best run of 6.72 secs at 220 mph to it’s credit so far.

Immediately in parallel to Darryl’s machine is the Chevy Camaro driven by Kerry. That machine has a 526 CID Alan Johnson 481X motor program equipped with twin 91 mm turbos – which was also a new engine venture for the team beginning in 2014.

Kerry’s Camaro is a probably a more closer Pro Mod class configuration car and it has run in the 6.2’s at close to 240 mph.

“Darryl and I both started out racing fast street cars and that continues to be our passion,” Kerry added. “To be honest racing a Pro Mod class car competitively is a bit out of our league so we focus on Outlaw Street racing – which is a super cool place to be. Also because of the timing of those events and the demands of our Cutting Edge Automotive business back home – overall that class works better for us. Each year we get out about 3-4 times — which keeps us within our budget and travel realities.”


The “Cutting Edge Camaro” went 6.24 secs at 236 mph during the 2014 season.

The very family orientated drag race team, which has involvement in drag racing dating back 20 years, funds it’s operations as 100% independents from their very successful Cutting Edge Automotive & Performance facility in Kelowna which was first established in 2003.

Darryl, Kerry & Dan Stone

Darryl, Kerry & Dan Stone

Cutting Edge Automotive & Performance prides itself as being a highly versatile facility with a broadband of capabilities. That covers a very wide range of high performance applications (motors, turbochargers and superchargers) for all brands of muscle cars through regular maintenance of stock vehicles, diesel machines and even motorhomes.

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Post and Photos by: Bruce Biegler