Popular and up-and-coming Canadian Pro Mod racer Paolo Guist suffered a set back last weekend during Norwalk Ohio’s Shakedown at the Summit event…

Guist, who is from Osgoode Ontario, made some pretty heavy top end contact during that event’s second round of qualifying on Friday night.

While racing alongside fellow Canadian Pro Mod racer and good friend Derek Hawker, Guist lost control of the G-Force Race Cars built C7 which he debuted last season and collected the left side guard wall at high speed. The scary looking incident was however tempered by both the quality of his race car construction and also the extensive safety aspects built into it which allowed Paolo to exit the car under his own power – uninjured.


Just a few seconds after this image was taken – Paolo Guist (near lane) went for a nasty top end spill.

“It was a scary ride – for sure,” Paolo reflected. “I felt the car move to the left, then right – then head for centerline. I tried to bring it back but I stayed in a little too long and when I lifted it wiggled and darted to the left. I knew I was I was going to hit the wall when the car wiggled. So I braced for impact and hoped for the best.”

“It all happened really fast,” he continued. “There was an explosion and lots of fire. For a moment I thought I was going over the wall. It spun around and shot to the other wall. I did manage to jump on the radio to let my team know I was alright. Then it rode the wall for about 800 ft. I hit the brakes, slowed the car down and pulled the fire suppression. When the car stopped — I got out and walked away. I turned around about 50 feet away from the car and watched her in flames waiting for safety crew.”

Paolo Guist

Paolo Guist

“The staff at Summit Motorsports Park did an awesome job and I can’t thank them enough.  I am 100% confident that the craftsmanship of my G-Force race car and up-to-date safety equipment is what got me through this unharmed.”

Guest’s Corvette, which is affectionately dubbed “Elvira” was immediatly taken back to G-Force Race Cars (Townawanda NY) for assessment and repairs.

The most serious damage is to the front end. Car builder Jim Salemi reports this morning that “the car is fixable for sure” and that repairs should be made in time for a return to action at the PDRA World Finals event at VMP next month.

Repair work is underway!

Repair work is underway @ G-Force Race Cars!

“We have the best in the business looking after our car,” Paolo added. With G-Force Cars, Resolution Racing Services and MSR Performance (Mike Stawicki) we are in good hands. But my wife, Shannon and I are feeling very thankful right now to say the least.”

On another and more positive team aspect – Paolo and Shannon will soon add another race car to their team equation. That will be a drag radial classed 1969 Camaro which is nearing completion also at G-Force Race Cars. That car will make it’s debut in 2017 and DragRaceCanada will provide a preview of that in the not too distant future.

Editor’s Note:  DragRaceCanada will post a Shakedown At The Summit event report + event Canadian racer photo extra – coming soon!

Posted with files by Bruce Biegler and Brennan Shortall
Photos by Bruce Biegler & Brennan Shortall