The Pro Modified feature at Grand Bend Motorplex was building to an interesting apex — before “mother nature” intervened….

Grand Bend Motorplex coordinated its biggest event of the season last weekend as Eastern Canadian drag racers came out in strong numbers to support the track and the sport — despite these difficult times.

On the exact same weekend which would would have normally seen the annual Mopar Canadian Nationals race — a supplemental event schedule was designed. That plan was to merge the lucrative IHRA Canadian Bracket Nationals (featuring competition for Ironman trophies) with featured eliminators for Pro Modified, Top Sportsman and Top Dragster — (courtesy of presenting sub-sponsor Ideal Supply).  Eastern Canadian foundation circuit – the Can-Am Stock/Super Stock Series – was also along for the ride.

The event spotlight was most certainly on the Ideal Supply “Covid 19” Pro Mod Showdown which was made possible because of numerous support from local industries like Quality Compressors (Rob & Anne Sporring), Brampton Pallet, Morrison & Everitt, Blown Wages Racing, Team GESI, Ralph & Ray and Hyde Construction.

After getting started Friday evening but then with adverse weather looming Saturday, a decision to start eliminations early was made.   The Pro Mod class got down that road the furthest – setting up a very marquee final round featuring the event’s two most dominant cars raced by Scott Wildgust and Jay Santos.

The spectacular new for 2020 Ford Mustang GT500 cars of Scott Wildgust and Jay Santos stole the show at Grand Bend Motorplex last weekend.

Both Wildgust and Santos were racing their all new ’67 Ford Mustang GT500 cars this season both of which most would agree have been the two most impressive cars within all of Canadian drag racing in 2020 so far.

For this 1/8th mile feature, Stratford-based Wildgust qualified well ahead of the pack after a blistering 3.877 secs (low ET) at 190.88 mph on Friday. Santos (from Georgetown) who had won at the NHRA National Open in Napierville the weekend before, qualified #2 at 3.954 secs.

Scott Wildgust advanced his “Blown Wages” Mustang to the final based on a first round single (3.906 secs) and then semifinal round win (3.892 secs) versus Al Martorino’s Mustang which had a red-light start.

Santos ran a 3.956 secs to win his round one and then an even quicker 3.909 secs to win over Spencer Hyde’s Camaro in the semi final round (Spencer shut off on S/L).

But regrettably it was shorty thereafter that a much anticipated final round pairing — to potentially decide who truly is the Canadian “Boss Hoss” Mustang within Canada — was not to be — due to rain.

Both Scott and Jay did agree to split the prize money for this weekend. But all is not lost with regards to this potentially very interesting head to head confrontation – according to Scott Wildgust.

“Including some testing we made 7 passes in a row going down the track and every run was between 3.94 and 3.87 seconds,” added Scott Wildgust. “We also ran our top speed so far (191.86 mph) — just a great testament to my crew.  We are going to run this final round (side bet? / bragging rights) at the next race — over Labour Day — in Q3.”

Team GESI owner (and NHRA E3 Regular) Eric Latino was entered at GBM – his best run came in testing – 3.967 secs.

Racing his new Chevy Camaro – Spencer Hyde was rewarded with his quickest ETs so far — including a very promising 3.909 secs.

The GBM independent event was made possible because of various levels of support — including people like devote Pro Mod class aficionado Rob Sporring (owner of Quality Plus Compressors)

Eliminations for TD and TS last Saturday only got their first round in. “Those races were paid out after round 1 so our Labour Day will be a new race,” confirmed GBM Chief of Operations, Paul Spriet.

Post and photos by Bruce Biegler

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