Nitro Scented — Wild Rose

After some limited first stints driving Top Alcohol Funny Cars – Alberta’s Jordan Pawlick has made the move to nitromethane and his focus is for the future….

Based from Thorsby AB., Pawlick is now behind the wheel of a ’72 Mustang-bodied Nitro Nostalgia Funny Car. After acquiring that car from Worsham Racing back in early 2013 – the determined up-and-coming driver has now turned his personal dream into a reality.

Following the completion of his license upgrade, Jordan first made his competition debut in his car last March in Bakersfield. Since then he has continued to hone his craft and while doing that has used an excellent relationship nurtured with Jason Rupert, (the recently crowned IHRA World Champ) as a guide.

Can-Am racers - Jordon Pawlick & Jason Rupert

The Can-Am consortium racers – Jordan Pawlick & Jason Rupert

“I was with Geoff Goodwin’s (Red Deer-based) Synoil Fluids TAFC crew and I first met Jason there,” Pawlick revealed. “Then I drove Geoff’s car a bit and also ran my own car. I got thinking about converting my TAFC chassis over to nitro – but Jason convinced me to change direction. So I took his advice and ended up with this purpose built car from the Worsham’s. Jason Rupert has been a huge help. Both his car (the Black Plague Camaro) and mine have identical chassis, motors and fuel systems. He has been a great mentor and I can’t begin to tell you how much I’ve learned from him already.”

“Being able to race a nitro car is really a dream come true for me,” Jordan added. “This is the class I’ve always wanted to be in and I’ve got to admit – it really is a barbed needle. Once it’s it – it’s in – and there is no going back to alcohol!”

Jordon's fuel burning Mustang has run a best of 6.04 secs and 245 mph - so far.

Pawlick’s fuel burning Mustang has run a best of 6.04 secs and 245 mph – so far.

In 2014 Pawlick has been running a limited schedule with his car which is dubbed “Nitro Militia” as he learns the ropes and stays within his independent budget. But he does have plans of grandeur and hopes to be more active on the tour in 2015 in conjunction with Rupert.

“Eventually we’d like to have two cars on the road together because – that’s double the data and double the fun.” he added.

We would be remiss if we did not mention the race cars impressive motif – that being a very unique paint scheme that also features some intricate Alberta Wild Rose trim application. And there is a bit of a story that goes with that too! (LOL!)


According to Jordan – that vision actually came to be after a visit to a local Alberta fabric show which specializes in amongst other things – lady’s undergarments.

After seeing one that he liked (normally used exclusively for making female underwear) Jordan surprised the attending clerk when he ordered about 200 yards worth.

“She was surprised and she asked me why I need so many yards of that fabric?” Jordan revealed. “So I told here that my girl friend is a bit bigger and I was having trouble finding enough of a sexy pattern that would fit her “(all meant to be tongue in cheek).

Jordan then paid his bill and left the store with his pattern while the clerk remained speechless.

Photos & Posting by: Bruce Biegler