A very real motorsports tradition for Quebec’s Angers family continues to be carried forward ….

Brothers Luc and Frédéric Angers, who are based from Laval Quebec, are two highly active drag racers who’s reputation within Eastern drag racing circuits continues to evolve. They are carrying forward a family torch from within Provincial Quebec motorsports that was first started by their Father and Uncle and which has also included two other brothers in it’s history, Frank and Nicolas.

Frederic & Luc Angers

Frédéric & Luc Angers

Luc and Frédéric both have similar and somewhat parallel racing patterns too — with each of them having campaigned in their careers (including currently) both Top Dragster and Top Sportsman category level race cars.

“We were both influenced by our father and uncle starting back at about age 16,” Frédéric revealed. “We were into Street cars, then ET bracket racing, and also some Stock car circuits over time. My first real drag car was with my twin brother Nicolas in Super Pro. We’ve raced a variety of cars over time and right now our family is involved with five drag cars – two Top Dragsters and two Top Sportsman and I just recently acquired a new Don Davis-built Camaro-bodied roadster to run in Super Comp – next season.”

Uniquely, for both brothers their treks forward within drag racing includes a primary focus on a pair of Top Sportsman classed Pontiac GTOs.

Luc Angers, who since debuting his Jerry Haas built GTO back in 2011 has evolved into a very prominent racer with that machine – including winning NHRA’s Divisional National Open series TS points title in 2013 and then more recently prevailing for the overall points championship for the Napa/AutoPro Ultimate Showdown Series (last year).


Luc Angers and his wife France (including dog Rocky) have emerged as arguably Quebec's most competitive Top Sportsman class racing teams.

Luc Angers and his wife France have emerged as arguably one of Quebec’s most competitive Top Sportsman class racing teams.  (co traveller dog Rocky included!)

Luc travels and races his GTO with his girlfriend France and that 6.6 secs 210 mph capable car features a natural aspirated 740 CID motor program from Drummondville’s Doyon Competition.

Frédéric’s venture into the Top Sportsman class is another GTO — this one housing a 588 CID aluminum block motor program prepped at Para Performance & Speedshop (Terrebonne, Québec) is outfitted with a Pro-charger injection system. With some 1850 HP at his disposal – Frédéric recorded his best career time this past season at a swift 6.72 secs.


Using a Pro-Charger system Frederic's Pontiac GTO make impressive HP.

Using a Pro-Charger system Frédéric’s Pontiac GTO makes very impressive HP.

While both cars are overall somewhat similar looking models — they are also quite different too – according to Frederic.

“In actual fact after the suspension systems – there are not a lot of similarities between these two cars,” Frederic revealed. “Luc runs one of the fastest 740 CID naturally aspirated cars out there in the class – but for him there is a lot of between round and race upkeep involved to keep it that fast. With my car and a Pro-charger my motor program doesn’t have to work as hard to make power so overall it’s more efficient and user friendly.”

Luc and Frédéric are both examples and another testament that showcases what racers can accomplish as independents.

“In the province of Quebec – sponsorship is unfortunately hard to come by,” Frédéric added. “Our race cars are really joint ventures involving our family. But we’ve had some good success racing and the prize money we’ve won is really an important part of the purse we use to do our racing.”

Both the brothers are strategic and selective about when and where they venture out on racing weekends. While historically Luc does focus more extensively in NHRA’s Lucas Oil Divisional circuits and within the Napa/AutoPro Ultimate Showdown Drag Racing Series, Frédéric does stay within the province of Quebec more – racing at Naperville Dragway and at select independent 1/8th mile UDRA events on a more frequent basis.

But both drivers also have intention and desire for more participation within Ontario’s Napa/AutoPro Ulitmate Showdown Series next season – as much as scheduling will allow.

Luc Angers (near lane) prevailed in the chase for the 2016 TS/TD Championship in USDRS circuit racing in 2016.

Luc Angers (near lane) prevailed in the chase for the overall TS/TD Points Championship in Napa/AutoPro USDRS circuit racing in 2016.

Frédéric and Luc each also drive one of two near identically prepared Top Dragsters

When away from the drag strip – Luc and Frédéric devote their time to their business – Métaux Angers – which is partnership that was established 5 years ago and for which Frédéric is President.   Métaux Angers specializes in residential and commercial air conditioning installations and applications.

Posted by Bruce Biegler
Photos by Bruce Biegler & Brennan Shortall