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Hot Cars Hot Topics – 1st Day of Summer Edition

Some more updates from on going Canadian drag racing highlights so far this season!….. (continue reading…)

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Carolina Canadian Crusade!

Needless to say there was significant Canadian racer participation at the PDRA season opener — and we have the photo proof!…. (continue reading…)

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Opportunity Knocks!

Owning a really cool Funny Car can and will make you even cooler! (LOL)…….. (continue reading…)

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A Top Tier – Top Up!

From Ontario…..comes one of the most impressive new car team additions to emerge within Canada’s drag racing spectrum this season…. (continue reading…)

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Hot Cars Hot Topics

A mid-summer edition of some of the latest news and things to watch for soon — within Canadian drag racing….. (continue reading…)

Canadian Car Statements @ Drag Wars

Two iconic Canadian race car owners stand tall following the PDRA’s most recent season event offering…. (continue reading…)

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Hot Cars / Hot Topics!

Some recent snapshots of some top performers and contenders from within the Canadian drag racing scene… (continue reading…)

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Edmonton Excursion….

A close knit racing operation from Ontario took the “family funster” on a recent long road trip in support of Canadian drag racing…. (continue reading…)

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Four “Feel Good” Stories

Some nice sideline stories from the Mopar Rocky Mountain Nationals out at Castrol Raceway last weekend…. (continue reading…)

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Early Eighth Mile Efforts!

Drag Racing’s wildly popular PDRA circuit opened for season business recently and featured some great Canadian racer participation… (continue reading…)

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