The off-season at fabled Toronto Motorsports Park includes a significant surface upgrade….

Drag racing at iconic Cayuga Dragway will be even quicker and safer next season — a direct result of some major track surface work now in progress.

“In our continuing quest to give our racers the very best racing surface possible — we have torn it up again!,” revealed TMP track management in an official release this week.   “Over the past few years we’ve noticed some areas that we were not happy with. With that being said, we started to replace a few sections, piece by piece and just kept at it.  This year, we brought in former Pro Modified racer, Larry Sinke and his great crew from Niagara Formwork Structures to finish it up.”
Niagara Formwork have used 35MP, a strength which is  Ministry of Transportation approved. That will ensure the track can withstand the pressures of thousands of horsepower.  The concrete is vibrated, levelled and troweled to ensure a level and safe racing surface.  All this new concrete has now been poured — but in the spring, the company will be back to really give it the final touch.  That process will include both grinding and profiling to perfection to ensure the track is ultra smooth for going forward.
Company owner Larry Sinke, from Welland Ontario, has a very rich history racing at Toronto Motorsports Park.  His capabilities range from street cars to Pro Modified class racing as a top competitor.
*In a related aspect — Larry and his former crew chief, Freddie Spade, have partnered up once again and reportedly and they are in the midst of building a car for a return to racing — after a 10 year hiatus. (*DragRaceCanada will post additional details on that — as revealed),

Larry Sinke’s long time participation and presence at TMP (Cayuga Dragway) does include being a driver himself. Here (near lane) he is lined up versus Kasey Janzen with his unique ’36 Olds Pro Mod in the late 1990’s.

Post by Bruce Biegler
Photos courtesy of Toronto Motorsports Park and DragRaceCanada