Canada’s all time MPH mark came at a very unlikely spot and is still standing!…

Now we are not 100% sure about this — but as near as we can tell — Saskatchewan International Raceway – just south of Saskatoon — might still be the site of Canada’s all time fastest MPH recording for the sport of drag racing.

And that mark was set a very long time ago — coming during an exhibition run by California’s Ray Alley in his “Age of Aquarius” Rocket Car.  According to the track’s racing archives – Ray pushed that hydrogen peroxide fuelled car to an elapsed time of 4.88 secs at 325 mph on August 29th, 1976. 

Ray Alley ran 325 mph in this car at Saskatoon International Raceway back in 1976!

Needless to say that speed was : #1 rather ungodly and #2 pretty much at the very edge for drag racing for that time period.  It’s also rather jaw dropping given that Saskatoon International Raceway (the track’s name at that time) was not exactly a premium calibre rated surface.

And no – we will not dive into the accuracy of the timing equipment used — we’ll instead accept that math based on faith.

According to drag racing archives Ray Alley’s venture into rocket car racing (a partnership with then NHRA announcer Steve Evans) was not a long one.  And when compared to his illustrious and significant accomplishments in Funny Car racing (Engine Masters cars) before and after, his high profile association with Kenny Bernstein’s Budweiser Racing team and also being the NHRA’s Czar for Top Fuel and Funny Car class racing for a time – this episode is for the most part just a sidebar (but a cool one at that!)

NHRA did in fact begin to outlaw using rocket-power and this fuel type not that long after — weeding them out of their sanctioning circutiry in and around the early 1980’s.

Ray Alley did pass away back in Feb last year.  But we think this little slice of Canadian urban legend drag racing history  he left for our sport is pretty darn cool!

And Yes – DragRaceCanada was actually witness to this historic run (coming way before we were DragRaceCanada -LOL) archive photos enclosed!

Post and photos by Bruce Biegler