The fan popularity of NHRA’s very competitive Super Gas 9.90 class centres on the wide variety and expertise of it race car entries and that of Victoria-BC’s Ed Hutchinson is a prime example…..

This truly impressive looking 1957 Corvette is being campaigned extensively on the West Coast by the Canadian husband and wife team, Ed and his wife Lori.

On first glance at this machine, a almost immediate reaction is; that this must be a brand new race car. But the truth is that this Corvette debuted four years ago – although you would never know it. A very strict and meticulous ongoing maintenance program has kept it truly of “show quality”.

Ed Hutchinson's '57 Corvette is one of the nicest S/G creations ever to come out of Canada

Ed Hutchinson’s ’57 Corvette is one of the nicest S/G creations ever to come out of Canada

Built by Don Davis Race Cars, driver Ed Hutchinson uses a very reliable 582 CID motor program from Sunset Racecraft Engines in Texas.

“There are certainly some cars in our class that are more aerodynamic – like the topless Corvette C5,” Ed admitted. “But I was looking for something maybe a bit more identifiable and this car combines both a nostalgic and cutting edge look.”

“After taking delivery — my good friend and right hand man, Jerry Calton, and I assembled the car over a one year period,” Hutchinson continued. “And ever since Jerry really fuses over it. It’s really his baby, and that’s why it always looks so good.”

The very creative “flip top” Corvette, which offers the team a great advantage and convenience for maintenance, has a finishing touch that really stands out. It’s spectacular deep red and gold flamed scheme was designed and applied by Phoenix area experts Squeeg’s Kustoms.

The Don Davis-built Corvette's "flip top" access provides some great conveniences.

The Don Davis-built Corvette’s “flip top” access provides some great conveniences.

So far the this Corvette has collected what could be catagorized as somewhat of a “trifecta” in drag racing. That includes winning both “Best Engineered” and “Best Appearing” awards and also winning at the National event level (at Seattle in S/G in 2014) within NHRA racing.

Ed and Lori call beautiful Victoria British Columbia home, however for the most part their Corvette is kept in the USA to help to cut down on travel expenses and improve race team overall logistics.

The Hutchinson’s Corvette which is aptly named “Flashpoint” also helps to promote and support a very important cause. Ed is now a retired firefighter following a 33-year career with the Victoria BC fire department. During most of his time there he was a avid drag racer too. His present day and former race cars all were associated and supportive of the Firefighter Burn Fund.

“I’ve always done fire safety awareness programs in schools and shows,” he added. “We help to promote planned escape routes.”

Ed was also quick to cite the support he receives from Lucas Oil for his Corvette’s racing endeavours.  “Tom Bogner (at Lucas Oil) helps us out greatly,” he said.  “He supplies us with all the great Lucas Oil products.”

Ed and Lori Hutchison with right hand man -Jerry Calton

Ed and Lori Hutchison with right hand man -Jerry Calton

Each season the norm for Ed and Lori has been to race their car almost exclusively in the West participating at select NHRA national and NHRA Lucas Oil Divisional races. There will be however a bit of a shift this season with some plans being put in place for an Eastern tour that will include places like Bowling Green and Indianapolis. That trip will both full fill a long time dream for the team and offer up a special treat that Eastern drag racing fans can really look forward to.

Photos and post by:  Bruce Biegler