During early November – some invading Quebec based dragster drivers cashed in nicely during a very lucrative U.S.A. event….

Presented by Kyle Riley’s SFG Promotions, a number of Eastern Canadian drag racers towed down to attend that companies’ World Series of Bracket Racing (Nov. 8-11th), a 5-day event held at South Carolina’s IHRA sanctioned Darlington Dragway. That event, which is just one of a series of Big Money Bracket Races presented by SGF annually in the USA, included no less then 5 separate races with payouts ranging $15K, $20K, $50K (x2) and $100K (!) to individual winners.

Jerome Beaulieu, who is both the founder and owner of Eastern Canada’s premier DragRaceQuebec.com and who is also a very skilled racer in his own right, was one of two Canadian winners for the event. Jerome drove his dragster to the $20,000 first place payout November 8th, and he was subsequently followed by fellow provincial racer Joel Lapierre who collected a cool $15G during event action the following evening.

DragRaceQuebec’s owner/founder/racer Jerome Beaulieu (from Riviere-du-Loup) collected some major “green” during his recent racing trek to the US Southeast.

“We were one of seven Canadian teams that were entered for the race,” Jerome confirmed. “Along with us there was the Angers twins (Frédéric & Frank), Joel Lapierre, Serge Marineau, Kevin Poitras, Don Vincelli — we were competing with 443 Americans.”

While winning the most lucrative race of his career, Jerome should also be commended for his good sportsmanship because for the final round his opponent’s car battery went dead – and Jerome waited almost 30 minutes before he was told by track officials that he didn’t have a choice and to “stage his car”.

Jerome did have a nice outing during the next day’s event #two — winning 5 more gruelling rounds of racing while making it to the split at 15 cars. It was there and then he was paired up with Eastern American Sportsman racing super star Pete Biondo.

“I was .004 on the tree & .014 total – but Biondo took the stripe by .001,” Jerome added. “But the best part was that my friend Joel Lapierre went on to win the $15K race against Biondo!”

Joel Lapierre (from Magog PQ) placed first in a $15K to the winner event.

“So the buzz in the pits was then all about Canadians getting 2 wins during the 2 first days of racing!”, he continued. “Everyone was congratulating us and the guys at SFG played our National Anthem in the morning – which made us all feel proud.”

The SFG Promotions “Big Buck” Races continue to be part of a very popular grassroots movement phenomenon within drag racing. Their events have maximum entry limits and boast both affordable pre-entry deals and guaranteed and potentially life changing payouts.

Another example for that formula for success is around the 3-day event scheduled for next year (in May at US 131 Dragway in Michigan) which will pay out $50G (x2) and $125G to win. Incredibly, participation for that race reportedly sold out in just two hours after being announced just recently.

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Posted by Bruce Biegler
Photos courtesy of DragRaceQuebec.com