“Family Fun-ster” FC Promotes Great Cause

There is little doubt about it and if I were a gambling man I might bet on it.  There is no area in Canada where there are more Funny Cars per capita then in Edmonton Alberta….

That very long local list includes some terrific looking and uniquely themed race cars and relative newcomers Brant Family Racing and their great looking Firebird is near the top.

Driven by David Brant, the “Reaper” Nostalgia Funny Car has become a true fan favorite in a very short period of time.

The car’s racing chassis was in fact formally a TAFC campaigned by Eastern Canada’s “Kardiac Kids”.  Both Larry and Kevin Dobbs (from Welland) played an important initial role in getting David Brant first started in the car and the sport during 2010.


“That year some of my friends and I drove out to Ontario to pick up the car and Larry and Kevin took us out to the track for a few test runs,” David revealed.  “I had never been down the asphalt race track in any race car — so my first pass in the car was in fact very slow (he laughed).  Larry pulled me and the car down the drag strip with his golf cart just so I could get an initial feel for the car.  We spent the rest of that year assembling things before we hooked up with exceptional engine builder and tuner Sean Brown for the 2011 season.  Sean and a number of other team racers helped us get the car running and going down the track in a safe manner and I was able to get my license and start racing.”

Jordan Brant is a budding team crew

Jordan Brant is a budding team crew chief for the future

David’s racing team is a truly fun family affair that includes extensive involvement of his wife Edna and also his son Jordan who are both 100% dedicated to his racing operation. In fact Jordan who is only 16 is currently being groomed as a future crew chief.

The team’s focus so far has been mostly within the super popular 6.99 second indexed Rocky Mountain Nostalgia Funny Car racing series and match racing within Western Canada   The Brant’s did however make a pilgrimage down to Bakersfield California’s NHRA Hot Rod Heritage Series event last October.  While competing within the 7.0 class category there, their team’s look and “added attractions” were for sure over the top hits with the capacity crowd at that race.

The team is focused on using the “Reaper” moniker to the maximum with racing fans.  That unique paint scheme in fact does clad a 1977 Firebird body that was originally built for Dale Pulde.

“The Reaper theme started up in Yellowknife with a snowmobile that we raced with a very good friend Chris Brown,” David continued.  “We decided to carry over that look to the Funny Car to help provide maximum entertainment for the fans and give the kids something fun.”

David & Edna Brant

David & Edna Brant

This is a race team with big hearts too.  They are proponents for making higher animal rescue awareness within Western Canada.

“The main thing that we want to accomplish with our racing is to continue putting smiles on people’s faces, spending time with Kids and trying to help and promote certain organizations, such as Scars,” David affirmed.  Scars is a second chance animal rescue society that is very near and dear to us.”

For more information on that group visit:  www.scarscare.org

Oh yeah -- race day with Brant Family Racing often includes some fan favorite extras!

Race day at Brant Family Racing often includes some fan favorite extras!

Photos and posting by:  Bruce Biegler