I think this may sound like a broken record – but do you know what?  So what!….

After attending my 3rd consecutive version of the NMCA/NMRA Super Bowl for fast street car drag racing in Chicago last weekend – I am again firmly convinced that this race may very well be one of the best annual value events in all of drag racing.

Make no mistake – this particular race can be a bit confusing for maybe some novice drag racing fans – as it features a really long list of eliminators while melding in categories from both the NMCA and NMRA sanctions.

But the harsh reality is it coagulates a really star-studded lineup of over 500+ race cars into a single and convenient venue hosted at what is arguably the nicest venue for drag racing events anywhere (Route 66 Raceway south of Chicago).

If there is a downside – even that has a pretty good side.  The word “relentless” comes to mind while viewing the NMCA/NMRA Super Bowl event.  Over three days the action seems to cycle continuous as a pretty much non-stop amount of cool cars just keep coming around the corner from the staging lanes and then through the Route 66 Raceway tunnel.  For fans (and for media) this race is for sure a duration test.  It really does seem very hard to find a time for a break and a typical day of racing averages some 12-13 consecutive hours — so it’s definitely not for the meeker drag racing fan out there.  

The event has become over it’s history somewhat of a annual “muscle car Mecca” for this popular drag racing sub genre and justifiably so.  And it has managed to retain both a “cult” status for Fast Street car fans racing purists while at the same time developing and nuturing a definite appeal to modern day and maybe more high-tech orientated emerging drag racing fans.   

All of that is hard to capture but we have done our best by posting a very extensive photo gallery on our co-production site highlighting our event experience.  Hopefully you can get just a taste of it from that (!?) >> To view that Click : HERE

You can also link to the overall 2018 NMCA/NMRA Super Bowl event results by event category within the photo cutlines showcased below.

For Official “Super Bowl” event Results click: HERE

For Official NMCA official event results click: HERE

For official Chevrolet Performance Challenge Series event results click : HERE

Posted by Bruce Biegler

Photos by Bruce Biegler & Steve Embling